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List of Eva-Units in Evangelion
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List of Eva-Units in Evangelion

Warning: Plot details follow.

Table of contents
1 Prototype Evangelion Units
2 Test Type Evangelion Units
3 Production Type Evangelion Units
4 Mass Production Evangelions

Prototype Evangelion Units

All prototype evangelion units have one eye.

Evangelion pre-Unit 00

Several prototype models were made, all of which failed. These can be seen in the Evangelion graveyard. They all have orange armour. Most of these Evangelions' organic structures have rotted, and are little more than armoured skeletons. All have the word "reject" painted on their heads in large red letters.

Evangelion Unit 00

Piloted by Rei Ayanami. This is the only successful Proto Type Model. It was initially orange, but that armour was destroyed by the 5th Angel's particle beam and it was rebuilt with blue armour that matched the final armour design of the Production Type models. It has gone berzerk twice, both times lashing out at enemies of Naoko Akagi, prompting a belief that her soul was implanted in the Eva prototype. Made in Japan.

Test Type Evangelion Units

There is only one Test Type Eva Unit. The Test Type unit is most similar to the Prototype units.

Evangelion Unit 01

Unit 01 is piloted by Shinji Ikari, and has the best battle record of all the Evangelions. It has been known to act without power and without pilot input (so called berserker mode), especially when Shinji's life is endangered. Known to contain the soul of Yui Ikari, Shinji's mother. This is the only Test Type Model. It is purple and has two eyes. Built in Japan.

Production Type Evangelion Units

All production type Eva Units have four eyes, and are identical to each other.

Evangelion Unit 02

Asuka's Eva. Colored red, and has a native language mode of German. Known to contain Asuka's mother's soul. First Production Model, made by NERV Germany.

Evangelion Unit 03 (13th Angel - Bardiel)

Black production model Evangelion produced by NERV-01 in Massachusetts USA. The US government was very eager to offload this Eva after the explosion of Eva-04. (See also: 13th Angel)

Evangelion Unit 04

Silver production model Evangelion produced by NERV USA, was never seen onscreen. It was destroyed when its S2 Engine exploded, also wiping out NERV-02 in Nevada USA, and all things for miles around (as seen from reconnaissance satellite), while undergoing initial S2 Engine testing. One scenario predicted by the MAGI states that the S2 Engine may have opened a Dirac sea similar to the one controlled by the 12th Angel.

Mass Production Evangelions

Evangelion Units 05 to 13, white in color, Mass production model. Produced by the G7 countries (US, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Canada, Japan, Russia and China). They have wings, use artificial "Lances of Longinus" as primary weapons, and have mouths with teeth with big red lips, and no visible eyes. They all use the Dummy Plug system, with Kaworu's personality as their base. Each of them is equipped with a perfected S2 Engine, and all are capable of regenerating massive amounts of damage very quickly, even after the apparent destruction of their cores. These Evangelion units appear in End of Evangelion. Unit 05 and 06 were made in Germany.

Evangelion Unit 05

In the Alternate Universe "Steel Girlfriend 2", Kaworu Nagisa pilots Eva Unit 05, which is otherwise the same as the Mass Production units, except that the dummy plug is an entry plug.