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List of Estonian rulers
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List of Estonian rulers

This is a list of Estonian rulers, that is, the Grand masters of the Sword Bretheren of the Teutonic Order, the Kingss and ruling Queenss of Sweden, and the Tsars of Russia, up to 1917. Warning! In period 1561-1660 there were cross claims to varios areas of Estonia. This includes:

Estonia rulers

The Teutonic Order

The Kingdom of Livonia

The Kingdom of Poland

Dynastia Jagiellonów (

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth House of Vasa Kings of Sweden and Poland (1587 - 1660)
Ladislaus IV Vasa (King 1632-1648)
Jan Kazimierz Vasa (King 1648-1660)

  • 1592-1634 : (Sigismund)

  • The House of Vasa

    The House of Palatinate

    The House of Hesse

    The House of Romanov

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