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List of English words of Russian origin
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List of English words of Russian origin

Strictly speaking, this is the list of English words possibly borrowed from Russian. Not all of them are of truly Russian or Slavic origin. Some of them co-exist in other Slavic languages and it is difficult to decide whether they entered English from Russian or, say, from Polish, most notable of these being vodka. Some others are borrowed or constructed from classical ancient languages, such as Latin or Greek, still others are borrowed from indigenous peoples of the Russian Empire.

Most of them are used to denote things and notions specific to Russia, Russian culture, politics, history, especially well-known outside Russia: vodka, intelligentsia, taiga, tundra, pogrom. Possibly some others are in the "mainstream" usage, independent of Russian context.

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"Trust, but verify" ("doveryay, no proveryay") - a Russian proverb made famous by Ronald Reagan


These are Russian words that have references in English language Wikipedia

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