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List of English words of Native American origin
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List of English words of Native American origin

This is a list of English language words of Native American language origin. This list is incomplete. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

Words from Algonquian

abalonefrom Rumsen via Spanish
alpacafrom Aymara via Spanish
baidarkafrom Aleut via Russian
barbecuefrom Caribbean via Spanish
cannibalfrom Caribbean via Spanish
canoefrom Caribbean via Spanish
cheechakofrom Chinook via Chinook Trade Jargon
chocolatefrom Nahuatl via Spanish
cocainefrom Quechua via Spanish
coyotefrom Nahuatl via Spanish
Eskimofrom Cree
hoochfrom Tlingit
hurricanefrom Caribbean, via Spanish
igloofrom Innuktitut
jaguarfrom Tupi, via Portuguese
kayakfrom Innuktitut)
moccasinfrom Algonquian languages
moosefrom Algonquian languages
ocelotfrom Nahuatl via Spanish
potatovia Spanish
racoonfrom Algonquian languages
squaw (archaic, pejorative)from Cree iskwe
tomatofrom Nahuatl via Spanish
wigwamfrom Algonquian languages

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