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List of English words of Italian origin
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List of English words of Italian origin

This is a list of English language words that originated in the Italian language. This list is incomplete. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.

;al dente : ;balcony :from balcone ;ballot :from ballote ;bandit :from bandito ;belvedere, a kind of gazebo :from belvedere ="nice view" ;bordello :from bordello ;bravo :from bravo, ="brave" ;broccoli :from plural of broccolo, ="cabbage-sprout or top" ;cameo :from caméo ;canto, subdivision of a long poem :from canto ="song, singing" ;capriccio :from capriccio ="sudden start, motion, or freak" ;casino :from casino, ="small house", diminutive of casa ;cupola :from cupola, ="little cask" ;fantasia :from fantasia, ="fancy" ;folio :from folio, ="leaf" ;forte, a musical direction for 'loud' :from forte ="strong, loud" ;galleria :from galleria, ="arcade" ;gonzo :from gonzo, ="fool(ish)" ;imbroglio :from imbroglio, "an entangling, an enwrapping, a garboile" ;incognito : ;influenza :from influenza, "incluence" ;lava :from lava ;macaroni :from maccheroni, plural of maccherone ;Madonna :from mia donna, ="my lady" ;malaria :from mala, feminine of malo ="bad" ;manifesto :from manifesto, ="manifest" ;neutrino :from neutrino, ="little neutron" ;obbligato :from obbligare, ="to oblige" ;oboe :from oboè ;opera :from opera, feminine of opus, ="a work produced" ;operetta :from operetta, = "little opera" ;paparazzi :from paparazzi, plural of paparazzo ;pesto :from pestato, ="crushed" ;piano :from piano, ="soft" ;pianoforte :from pianoforte, ="soft and strong" ;piazza :from piazza, ="square, marketplace" ;piccolo :from piccolo, ="small" ;propaganda :from propaganda, ="congregation for propagating the faith" ;radicchio :from radicchio, ="chicory" ;replica :from replica ;spaghetti :from spaghetti, plural of spaghetto, ="little string" ;stanza :from stanza, ="rom" ;stiletto :from stiletto, ="little dager" ;studio :from studio, ="study" ;tariff :from tariffa ;timpani :from timpani, plural of timpano, ="kettledrum" ;torso :from torso, ="stalk, stump" ;tortellini :from tortellino, ="little cake" ;umbrella :from ombrello ;vendetta :from vendetta, ="vengeance" ;vermicelli :from vermicelli, ="litle worms" ;volcano :from volcano, from Latin vulcan ;zabaglione :from zabaglione ;zucchini :from zucchini, plural of zucchino, ="small gourd"

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