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List of English prefixes
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List of English prefixes

Prefix Meaning Examples
a(n)- not, without atonality, asexuality, amoral , anarchy
ab- away abduction, absolutism, ablution
acr(o)- high, up Acropolis
aer(o)- air aeronautics, aerodrome, aeroplane, aerodynamics
an(a)- out of anachronism
andr- man androgyny, androcentrism, android, androgen
Anglo- English or British Anglo-Irish relations
ante- before antebellum
anthrop(o)- relating to human beings anthropology, anthropocentrism, anthropomorphic
ant(i)- against antidote, antibody, anticlockwise
aut(o)- self autonomy, autobiography, automobile, autopilot
bar(o)- atmosphere
bathy- deep Bathyscape
bi- two bicycle, bijection, bilingual, bicameralism, bisexuality
bi(o)- life biology, biography, biosphere, biotechnology
bibli(o)- relating to books bibliophilia, bibliography
brady- slow bradycardia
cardi(o)- heart cardiovascular
cent-, centi- hundred or hundredth centenarian, centimeter, centipede
chrom(o)-, chromat(o)-
chron(o)- time chronology
circum- around circumcision, circumnavigation, circumlocution, circumference
co- together cooperative, co-belligerence
com-, con-, col-, cor- with, together conference, connotation, context, Congress, congregation
contr(a)-, contr(o) against, opposite contradiction, contraception, controversy
cosm(o)- cosmology, cosmopolitan, cosmotheism
counter- against, opposite counterpoint, counterweight, Counter-Reformation
cry(o)- frost, icy cold cryogenics, cryoelectronics, cryostorage
crypt(o)- hidden cryptography, cryptozoology
cyt(o)- hollow, receptacle, cell cytoplasm, cytology
de- taking something away, the opposite decentralisation, deforestation, dehydration, Denazification
dec(a)-, dek(a)- ten decamerous
deci- one tenth deciliter
dem(o)- people, nation demographics, democracy
derm(o)-, derm(a)-, dermat- skin dermatology, dermatitis
di- two, double
didact(o)- apt at teaching
dynam(o)- power, force dynamic, dynamite, dynamo
dis- reverse, opposite dissent, discovery, disambiguation
dox(o)- Doxology
dys- bad, deformed, abnormal dyspepsia, dystrophy, dysarthria
ec(o)- house economy, ecology, ecosystem, ecotourism, ecotage
electr(o)- electrocution, electroencephalogram
encephal(o)- brain encephalitis
end(o)-, ent(o)-
enne(a)- nine enneastyle
eo- dawn, early eobacterium
ep(i)-, eph- above epitaxy
erg(o)- ergonomics
stom(o)-, stomat(o)-
ethn(o)- ethnology, ethnolinguistics, ethnocentrism
eu- good eulogy, euthanasia, eugenics, euphemism
Euro- European Euro-MP (Member of the European Parliament)
ex- former ex-wife, ex-president
ex(o)- outside exoskeleton
extra- very, more than usual, outside, beyond extra-thin, extra-special

extraordinary, extraterrestrial

fore- before, in advance foreskin, foreshadowing
hemi- half hemimetabolous
hex(a)- six hexapod
hyper- excessive, (least to greatest in order: hypo, sub, super, hyper) hyperactive, hyperthyroidism
hyp(o)- below, (least to greatest in order: hypo, sub, super, hyper) hypodermic
in- extremely inflammable, invaluable
in-, il-, im-, ir- not infallibility, illiteracy, immoral, irrelevant
inter- between, from one to another intervention, international
kilo- thousand kilogram, kilowatt
mal- bad, badly malpractice, malnutrition
maxi- most, very, large maxi-dress
Mc- McDonalds like McJob, McPaper
mega-, megal- million, very large megabyte, megaphone
meta- after]], beyond metacarpal, metaphysics
micro- one millionth, very small microgram, microorganism, micronation
mid- in the middle of mid-term elections, Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
milli- thousandth milligram, milliliter
mini- small miniskirt, miniseries
mis- bad, wrong miscarriage, misanthropy, misogyny
mon(o)- one, single monolith, monorail, monotony, monocle
multi- many multiculturalism, multilingual
non- not nonsense, non-denial denial
non- nine none, nonagon
oct(o), oct(a)- eight octane, octopod, octagon
out- more, to  a  greater degree to outdo, to outrun
over- more than normal, too much overpopulation, over-consumption
pent(a)- five pentagon
post- after Post-Fordism, postpartum depression, postmodernity, postmodernism
pre- before prediction, preview, precedent, prenatal care
pro- for, in favour of pro-choice, pro-life
quadr-, quart- four quadrangle, quadruplet, quartic, quartile
quinqu(e)- five, into five parts quinquesection
quint(i)- fifth, five quintiped
re- again, repeatedly reduction, reflection, revolution
scler(o)- hard scleroderma atherosclerosis
semi- half semi-automatic, semi-detached
sept(a)- seven heptachord
sex(i)- six sexivalent
Sino- Chinese Sino-American relations
sperm(o)-, spermat(o)-
sphygm(o)- pulso sphygmomanometer
schiz(o)-, schist(o)- split schizophrenia, schistocyte
styl(o)- pillar
sub- below, less than, under,(least to greatest in order: hypo, sub, super, hyper) subset, subsonic, subway, subtitles
super- extremely, more than,(least to greatest in order: hypo, sub, super, hyper) superhuman, Superego, supersonic
tach(y)-, tach(o)- fast, speed tachycardia, tachometer
tel(e)-, tel(o)- far, over  a  long distance telecommunications, television, telephoto lens, telodynamic
tel(o)-, tel(e)- end, complete, mature teloblast
trans- across, beyond transfer, transubstantiation, transatlantic, Trans-Siberian railway
tri- three triangle, tricolor, triptych
ultra- extremely, beyond  a  certain limit Ultramontanism, ultraviolet
un- not, opposite, take something away unconstitutional, undelete
uni- one, single uniform, unification
ur- first, original

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