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List of early Canadian newspapers
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List of early Canadian newspapers

Early Canadian Newspapers: published between --- and ---

Canada East (Quebec)

Aylmer: Times, Ottawa and Pontiac Advertiser

Granby: Eastern Townships Gazette

Montreal: Argus; Bank-note Reporter; Canada Insurance Gazette; Canada Temperance Advocate; Canadian Mail; Canadian Naturalist and Geologist; Canadian Presbyterian; Canadian Railroad and Steamboat Guide; Commercial Advertiser; Farmer's Journal; Montreal Gazette; Grande Ligne Evangelical Register; Montreal Herald; Journal d'Agriculture; Journal de l'Instruction Publique; Journal of Education C.E.;Juvenile Presbyterian; La Minerve; La Patrie; L'Avenir; Le Pays; Liberal Christian; Lower Canada Jurist; Medical Chronicle; Missionary Record; Montreal Transcript; Montreal Witness; New Era; Pilot; Presbyterian; Semeur Canadien; True Witness

Quebec City: Le Canadien; Chronicle; Colonist; Courier du Canada; Gazette; Journal De Quebec; Mercury; Military Gazette of Canada; Le National; Sinclair's Monthly Circular

Richmond: County Advocate

Sorel: Gazette de Sorel

Stanstead: Journal

St. Hyacinthe: Le Courier

St. Johns: News, and Frontier Advocate

Trois Rivières: Ère Nouvelle; Inquirer

Waterloo: Advertiser

Canada West (Ontario)

Ayr: Observer

Barrie: Herald; Northern Advance

Beaverton: Weekly Post

Belleville: Hastings Chronicle; Intelligencer

Berlin (Kitchener): Chronicle; Deutscher Canadier; Telegraph

Bowmanville: Canadian Statesman; Star

Bradford: Chronicle

Brantford: Brant County Herald; Christian Messenger; Courier; Expositor

Brampton: Standard; Times

Brighton: Christian Banner; Weekly Flag

Brockville: Monitor; Recorder

Caledonia: Grand River Sachem

Carleton Place: Herald

Cayuga: Sentinel

Chatham: Kent Advertiser; Planet; Provincial Freeman

Cobourg: Star; Sun

Colborne: Northumberland Pilot; Transcript

Collingwood: Enterprise

Cornwall: Constitutional; Freeholder

Drummondville: Reporter

Dundas: Warder

Dunville: Independent

Elora: Backwoodsman

Fergus: British Constitution; Freeholder

Fonthill: Welland Herald

Galt: Dumfries Reformer; Reporter

Goderich: Huron Signal

Guelph: Guelph; Herald; Wellington Mercury

Hamilton: Banner; Canada Evangelist; Canada Zeitung (German); Canadian Journal of Homeopathy; Christian Advocate; Journal and Express; Spectator

Ingersoll: Chronicle

Kemptville: Progressionist

Kingston: British Whig; Chronicle and News; Commercial Advertiser; Daily News; Morning Herald

Lindsay: Advocate

London: Atlas; Canadian Free Press; Evangelical Witness; Prototype

Markham: Economist

Millbrook: Messenger

Merrickville: Chronicle; Freemason's Magazine

Milton: Halton Journal

Napanee: Reformer, Standard

New Hamburg: Neutrale

Newburg: Index

New Castle: Recorder

Newmarket: New Era

Niagara: Mail

Oakville: Sentinel

Omemee: Warder

Orono: Day Dawn; Sun

Oshawa: Christian Offering, Vindicator

Ottawa: Bytown Gazette; Canada Military Gazette; Citizen; Railway and Commercial Times; Tribune

Owen Sound: Times

Paris: Star

Pembroke: Observer

Penetangore: Western Canadian Commonwealth

Perth: Bathurst Courier; British Standard

Peterborough: Examiner; Review

Picton: Gazette; Times

Port DOver: Express

Port Hope: Atlas; Guide

Prescott: Conservative Messenger; Telegraph

Preston: Zeitung

Richmond Hill: York Ridings Gazette

Sandwich: British Canadian; Maple Leaf; Windsor Herald

Sarnia, CW, Observer and Lambton Advertiser

Sherbrooke, CE, Canadian Times; Gazette

Simcoe: Conservative Standard; Norfolk Messenger.

Southampton: Morning Star

Stratford, CW, Beacon; Examiner and Perth County News

Streetsville: Review

St. Catherines, CW, Constitutional; Journal; Post

St. Marys: Argus; Journal

St. Thomas: Despatch

Thorold: Gazette

Toronto: Agriculturalist; Canada Church Chronicle; Canada Gazette; Canada Sunday School Advocate; Canadian Ecclesiastical Gazette; Canadian Independent; Canadian Journal; Catholic Citizen; Christian Guardian; Colonist; Der Benhachter (The Observer); Ecclesiastical and Missionary record; Echo, and Protestant Episcopal Recorder; Gospel Tribune; Toronto Globe; Journal of Education; Toronto Leader; Market Review and Weekly Price Current; Merchant's Magazine; Toronto Mirror; Toronto Patriot; Toronto Times; Toronto Weekly Message; Union Baptist; United Presbyterian Magazine; Upper Canada Law Journal

Waterloo: Farmer's Friend (German)

Whitby: Chronicle; Commonwealth; Ontario Reporter

Windsor: Churchman's Friend

Woodstock: Gazetteer; Sentinel; Times