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List of dialects of the English language
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List of dialects of the English language

This is a list of dialects of the English language.

 Major English dialects:
American English
Australian English
British English
Canadian English
Caribbean English
Filipino English
Indian English
Jamaican English
Liberian English
Malaysian English
New Zealand English
Scottish English
Singapore English
South African English

Table of contents
1 International Classifications
2 Europe
3 North America
4 Caribbean
5 Asia
6 Africa
7 Oceania
8 Constructed
9 Sign Languages Based on English
10 Pidgins and Creoles
11 The Ishes
12 See also
13 External link

International Classifications


North America






Sign Languages Based on English

Pidgins and Creoles

The Ishes

While not technically dialects, these variants may nonetheless be of interest to students of global English.
Greeklish might appear to be similar but is in fact a transliteration method.

See also

External link