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List of device bandwidths
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List of device bandwidths

Here is a list of device bandwidths: the bandwidth of some computer devices employing methods of data transport is listed by MB/s or megabytes per second. Listed in order from lowest MB/s to highest.

People knowledgeable with the subject may feel that many of the values are low by an order of magnitude; this is because they are normally referred to in terms of bits, not bytes. (See )

Many of these figures are theoretical, and various real-world considerations may keep the actual throughput much lower.



Modem 300 baud30 char/s
Modem 28.8k3.6 KB/s
Modem 56.0k7 KB/s

Computer peripherals

Serial (RS-232, RS-422, etc)20 KB/s
USB 1.0192 KB/s
Parallel (Centronics)1.0 MB/s
USB 1.11.5 MB/s
SCSI 15 MB/s
Fast SCSI 210 MB/s
Fast Wide SCSI 220 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 3333 MB/s
Ultra Wide SCSI 4040 MB/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394) 5050 MB/s
USB 2.060 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 6666 MB/s
Ultra2 SCSI 8080 MB/s
FireWire (IEEE 1394b)100 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 100100 MB/s
Ultra DMA ATA 133133 MB/s
PCI133 MB/s
Ultra 160 SCSI160 MB/s
Serial ATA150 MB/s
AGP 1x266 MB/s
PCI-Express formerly known as 3GIO500 MB/s
AGP 2x532 MB/s
PCI 2.2533 MB/s
Ultra640 Scsi640 MB/s
Lightning Data TransportTM (LDT)800 MB/s
AGP 4x1064 MB/s
PCIx1066 MB/s
InfiniBand1.25 GB/s
PCI-X DDR2.133 GB/s
AGP 8x2.128 GB/s
HyperTransport 200 MB/s per
line or full-sized 32-bit bus
6.400 GB/s


IrDA-Control9 KB/s
Bluetooth 1.1125 KB/s
802.11 legacy 0.125250 KB/s
802.11b DSSS 0.1251.375 MB/s
802.11b+ non-standard DSSS 0.1255.5 MB/s
802.11a 0.756.75 MB/s
802.11g DSSS 0.1256.75 MB/s
Bluetooth 22 to 12 MB/s

Wide area network

DS1/T1192.5 KB/s
Frame Relay193 KB/s
SDSL0.2875 MB/s
SHDSL0.008...0.576 MB/s
ADSL0.768 MB/s
DS3/T35.5925 MB/s
OC16.48 MB/s
OC319.44 MB/s
OC1277.76 MB/s
OC48306 MB/s
Fiber Channel1000 MB/s
10 Gigabit Ethernet1.28 GB/s
OC1921.250 GB/s
OC2551.65125 GB/s
OC7685 GB/s

Local area network

Thin Ethernet and 10baseT900 K/s
Fast Ethernet and 100baseT9 MB/s
Gigabit Ethernet128 MB/s


PC66 SDRAM533 MB/s
PC100 SDRAM800 MB/s
PC133 SDRAM1066 MB/s
PC1600 DDR-SDRAM1.6 GB/s
PC2100 DDR-SDRAM2.1 GB/s
PC2700 DDR-SDRAM2.7 GB/s
PC3200 DDR-SDRAM3.2 GB/s
PC800 RDRAM1.6 GB/s (single-channel)
3.2 GB/s (dual-channel)
PC120 RDRAM2.1 GB/s (single-channel)
4.2 GB/s (dual-channel)