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List of dance organizations
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List of dance organizations

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2 National organizations
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International dance organizations


Dancesport term was introduced to denote dance as sport activity, and the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) (formerly ICAD) was founded in 1957. IDSF promotes danceport, sets standard rules, sanctions competitions.

World Dance & DanceSport Council;

WD&DSC is a governing body of Professional Dance.

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD)

Although formally incorporated in the United Kingdom, ISTD gained international recognition as the leading dance examination board. It is primarily known for teaching standards and syllabi in ballroom dancing, although it has faculties in many other dance atrs, such as tap dancing, Disco/Freestyle (dance)/Rock'n'Roll, Classical Greek dance and more.

International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)

Its purposes are similar to those of ISTD.


The World Rock'n'Roll Confederation (WRRC), organized in 1984, says in its statute that it "aims at promoting the physical training of its members by means of sporting activities in the form of Rock'n'Roll dance tournaments, including the acrobatic variations (acrobatic Rock'n'Roll) as well as Rock'n'Roll and Boogie Woogie, Lindy Hop and alternative styles in line with the rules and sporting presentations".

Square dance

CALLERLAB, the International Association of Square Dance Callers, was organized for the purpose of improving square dancing as an activity. The organization does this through recruitment and promotional efforts, and by providing education and guidance to square dance leaders. The organization maintains a suggested list of standard dancing programs that have helped to make square dancing an international activity. CALLERLAB held its first convention in 1974, but preliminary organisational efforts go back to the early 1970s.

The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC) is a lesbian and gay organization that is the international umbrella organization for gay square dance clubs, formed by and for lesbians and gay men in their community and for their friends. The organization developed in the early-mid 1980s, first as the National Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. It changed its name to IAGSDC with the inclusion first of Canadian clubs, and afterwards clubs from other countries. Membership in IAGSDC clubs is open to all square dancers, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. IAGSDC is active in the world of modern western square dancing, and all IAGSDC clubs dance the Callerlab specified levels of modern western square dancing.

Swing dances

The World Swing Dance Council (WSDC), organized in 1993, states that it "is a service organization designed to further communication and to profile informational services and record keeping for those in the Swing Dance Community". In particular, it maintains the registry of swing dance competitions.


National organizations



UVWDC is incorporated as business in 1990 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA. At the same time it has an international recognition and has representatives in Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands and Sweden.

American Country Dance/English Dance


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