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List of current and former capital cities within the United States
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List of current and former capital cities within the United States

This is a list of the current capitals of U.S. states, as well as a few of the former capital cities (legislature or government seat) of states, territories, colonies, or kingdoms within today's United States.

A few of these were temporary, until the permanent location was chosen or built. Sorted by state and date.

Table of contents
1 National capital
2 Within current states
3 Within current possessions
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National capital

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA    New York City, New York 1785–1790
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1790–1800
Washington, District of Columbia     1800–present

Within current states

Located inPlaceWhen, Whose
ALABAMASt. Stephens, Alabama territorial capital (1817–1819)
Huntsville, Alabama 1819
Cahaba, Alabama 1820–1826
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1826–1846
Montgomery, Alabama current, also first capital of Confederate States of America
ALASKASitka, Alaska district capital (–1906)
Juneau, Alaska district capital (1906–1912) territorial capital, current
ARIZONAPrescott, Arizona territorial capital (–1867; 1877–1889)
Tucson, Arizona territorial capital (1867–1877)
Phoenix, Arizona current
ARKANSASArkansas Post, Arkansas territorial (1819–1821)
Washington, Arkansas Confederate capital (1863–1865)
Little Rock, Arkansas territorial; current
CALIFORNIAMonterey, California capital under Spanish and Mexican rule
San Jose, California –1851
Vallejo, California 1851–
Benicia, California 1853–1854
Sacramento, California current
COLORADOGolden, Colorado territorial capital (1862–1867)
Denver, Colorado current
CONNECTICUTHartford, Connecticut current
New Haven, Connecticut co-capital with Hartford (1701–1873)
DELAWARENew Castle, Delaware colonial capital
Dover, Delaware current
FLORIDASt. Augustine, Florida Spanish and territorial capital (–1824), alternated with Pensacola
Pensacola, Florida Spanish and territorial capital (–1824), alternated with St. Augustine
Tallahassee, Florida territorial, current
GEORGIASavannah, Georgia (colonial)
Augusta, Georgia
Louisville, Georgia ~1799
Milledgeville, Georgia 1803–1868
Atlanta, Georgia current
HAWAIILahaina, Hawaii capital of the Kingdom ( –1840)
Honolulu, Hawaii current
IDAHOLewiston, Idaho territorial (1863–1864)
Boise, Idaho territorial, current
ILLINOISKaskaskia, Illinois 1818–1819
Vandalia, Illinois 1819–1839
Springfield, Illinois current
INDIANAVincennes, Indiana territorial capital (1800–1813)
Corydon, Indiana 1816–1825
Indianapolis, Indiana current
IOWABurlington, Iowa 1838–1841
Iowa City, Iowa 1841–1857
Des Moines, Iowa current
KANSASPawnee near Fort Riley, Kansas territorial capital
Topeka, Kansas current
KENTUCKYDanville, Kentucky capital Virginia's Kentucky District
Bowling Green, Kentucky Confederate capital
Frankfort, Kentucky current
LOUISIANANew Orleans, Louisiana 1812–1849 except 1830; 1865–1880
Donaldsonville, Louisiana 1830
Opelousas, Louisiana 1862 in war
Shreveport, Louisiana 1863
Baton Rouge, Louisiana current
MAINEPortland, Maine 1820–1832
Augusta, Maine current
MARYLANDSt. Mary's City, Maryland colonial capital ( –1694)
Annapolis, Maryland current (initially named "Anne Arundel Town")
MASSACHUSETTS  Boston, Massachusetts current (1630–)
MICHIGANDetroit, Michigan territorial capital, state capital 1837–1847
Lansing, Michigan current
MINNESOTASaint Paul, Minnesota territorial, current
MISSISSIPPINatchez, Mississippi territorial capital
Washington near Natchez, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi current (renamed from "LeFleur's Bluff")
MISSOURISt. Louis, Missouriterritorial capital
Saint Charles, Missouri 1821–1825
Marshall, Texas Civil War Capital of exiled pro-confederate state officials and ousted Governor of Missouri
Jefferson City, Missouri current
MONTANABannack, Montana territorial capital
Virginia City, Montana territorial capital (1864–1875)
Helena, Montana current
NEBRASKAOmaha, Nebraska territorial capital
Lincoln, Nebraska current
NEVADACarson City, Nevada territorial, current
NEW HAMPSHIREPortsmouth, New Hampshirecolonial, state (–1808)
Exeter, New Hampshire Revolutionary War capital
Concord, New Hampshire current
NEW JERSEYElizabethtown, New Jersey colonial capital (–1686)
Trenton, New Jersey current
NEW MEXICOMesilla, New Mexico declared capital of Confederate Arizona Territory
Santa Fe, New Mexico current
NEW YORKKingston, New York (1777)
Hurley (city), New York (Oct–Dec 1777)
Poughkeepsie (1777–)
New York, New York (1789–1797)
Albany, New York current
NORTH CAROLINA  New Bern, North Carolina –1794
Raleigh, North Carolina current
NORTH DAKOTABismarck, North Dakota territorial (1883–1889), current
OHIOChillicothe, Ohio 1803–1810; 1812–1816
Zanesville, Ohio 1810–1812
Columbus, Ohio current
OKLAHOMAGuthrie, Oklahoma 1889–1910
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma current
OREGONOregon City, Oregon territorial capital (–1851)
Corvallis, Oregon territorial capital (1855)
Salem, Oregon current
PENNSYLVANIALancaster, Pennsylvania 1799–1812
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania current
RHODE ISLANDProvidence, Rhode Island current
SOUTH CAROLINA  Charleston, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina current
SOUTH DAKOTAYankton, South Dakota Capital Dakota territory (1861–1883)
Pierre, South Dakota current
TENNESSEEKnoxville, Tennessee 1796–1812; 18..
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 1819–1826
Nashville, Tennessee current
TEXASWashington, Texas first capital of the Republic of Texas, today called "Washington-on-the-Brazos"
Galveston, Texas temporary capital of the Republic of Texas
Harrisburg, Texas temporary capital of the Republic of Texas
Velasco, Texas temporary capital of the Republic of Texas
Columbia, Texas temporary capital of the Republic of Texas, today called "West Columbia"
Houston, Texas capital of the Republic of Texas from 1837 to 1839
Austin, Texas current (initially named "Waterloo"; changed in the 19th c.)
UTAHFillmore, Utah territorial capital
Salt Lake City, Utah current
VERMONTMontpelier, Vermont current
VIRGINIAJamestown, Virginia first colonial capital
Williamsburg, Virginia colonial capital (initially "Middle Plantation")
Yorktown, Virginia colonial capital
Richmond, Virginia current (also capital of the Confederate States of America)
WASHINGTONOlympia, Washington territorial, current
WEST VIRGINIAWheeling, West Virginia first capital; 1863–1870, 1875–1885
Charleston, West Virginia 1870–1875, 1885–present
WISCONSINBelmont, Wisconsin territorial capital
Madison, Wisconsin current
WYOMINGCheyenne, Wyoming territorial, current

Within current possessions

AMERICAN SAMOA    Pago Pago, American Samoa
GUAM    Hagta, Guam
NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS    Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
PUERTO RICO    San Juan, Puerto Rico
U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS    Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands

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