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List of cruisers of the United States Navy
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List of cruisers of the United States Navy

Ships of the United States Navy
aircraft carriers
amphibious assault shipping
destroyer escorts
escort carriers
patrol vessels
mine warfare vessels
sailing frigates
ships of the line

This list of cruisers of the United States Navy includes all ships that were ever called "cruiser". Since the nomenclature predates the hull numbering system, and there were several confusing renumberings and renamings, there are multiple entries referring to the same physical ship.

A '*' following the entry indicates a ship that was cancelled before completion.

Heavy cruisers CA-149 and CA-151 to CA-153, and light cruisers CL-154 to CL-159 were cancelled before being named.

The missing numbers in the guided-missile cruiser series, 43-46, were not used so that DDG-47 Ticonderoga and DDG-48 Yorktown could be redesignated without re-numbering. Likewise, CG-13, CG-14 and CG-15 were skipped so the Leahy-class guided missile frigates (DLG-16 class) could be redesignated without renumbering.

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