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List of craters on Triton
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List of craters on Triton

This is a list of craters on Triton. Tritonian craters are named after mythological water spirits.

Crater Named after
Amarum Amarum (Quechua people of Ecuador)
Andvari Andvari (Norse)
Cay Cay (Mayan)
Ilomba Ilomba (Lozi people of Zambia)
Kraken (catena) The Kraken (Norse)
Kurma Kurma (Hindu)
Mazomba Mazomba (Chaga people of Tanzania)
Ravgga Ravgga (Finnish)
Set (catena) Set (Egypt)
Andvari Tangaroa (Maori)
Vodyanoy The Vodyanoi (Slavic)

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