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List of craters on Europa
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List of craters on Europa

The surface of Jupiter's moon, Europa, is very young, geologically speaking, and as a result there are very few craters. Furthermore, as Europa's surface is made of weak water ice over a liquid ocean, most surviving craters have slumped so that their structure is very low in relief. Most of the craters that are large enough to have names are named after prominent figures in Celtic myths and folklore. Here is a list of those craters:

Crater Named after
Áine Áine
Amergin Amergin
Angus Angus
Avagddu Avagddu
Balor Balor
Brigid Brigid
Camulus Camulus
Cilix Cilix
Cliodhna Cliodhna
Cormac Cormac mac Airt
Deirdre Deirdre
Diarmud Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Dylan Dylan Eil Ton
Elathan Elathan
Govannan Govannan
Gráinne Gráinne
Gwydion Gwydion
Llyr Llyr
Mael Duin Mael Dúin
Maeve Maeve
Manannán Manannán mac Lir
Math Math ap Mathonwy
Morvran Morvran
Niamh Niamh
Oisín Oísin
Pryderi Pryderi
Pwyll Pwyll
Rhiannon Rhiannon
Taliesin Taliesin
Tegid Tegid Veol
Uaithne Uaithne

See also the list of lineae on Europa and the list of geological features on Europa.

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