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List of country names in various languages
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List of country names in various languages

Most countries of the world have alternative names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all nations, countries and sovereign states. It does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of any country is or was.

Countries are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English. Each English name is followed by its currently best-known equivalents in other languages, listed in English alphabetical order (ignoring accents) by name and by language. Historical and/or alternative versions, where included, are noted as such. Foreign names that are the same as their English equivalents are listed, to provide an answer to the question "What is that name in..."?. See also: List of alternative country names

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English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Afghanistan Afeganistăo (Portuguese), Affganistan (Welsh), Afgania (Latin), Afganio or Afganujo (Esperanto), Afganistan (Albanian, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish), Afganistan - Афганистан (Russian), Afganistán (Spanish), Afganistanas (Lithuanian), Afganisztán (Hungarian), Afghanestan - افغانستان (Dari, Pashtu), Afghanistan (Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish), Afghánistán (Czech), Avganistan (Serbian)
Albania Albaania (Estonian), an Albáin (Irish), Albania (Basque, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Welsh), Albŕnia (Catalan), Albánia (Hungarian), Albânia (Portuguese), Albanie (French), Albanië (Dutch), Albánie (Czech), Albanien (Danish, German, Swedish), Albanija (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Albanija - Албания (Russian), Albanio or Albanujo (Esperanto), Albánsko (Slovak), Alvanía - Αλβανία (Greek), Arnavutluk (Turkish), Shqipëri (Albanian)
Algeria an Ailgéir (Irish), Al-Ĝazā'ir الجزائر (Arabic), Algeria (Finnish, Italian, Latin, Romanian, Welsh), Algéria (Hungarian), Algerie (Norwegian), Algérie (French), Algerien (German), Algeriet (Danish, Swedish), Algerije (Dutch), Alĝerio (Esperanto), Algieria (Polish), Alyería - Αλγερία (Greek), Alžeeria (Estonian), Alzhir - Алжир (Russian), Alžir (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Alžirija (Slovene), Alžírsko (Slovak), Alžyras (Lithuanian), Argčlia (Catalan), Argélia (Portuguese), Argelia (Spanish), Arjelia (Basque), Cezayir (Turkish)
Andorra Andhóra - Ανδόρα (Greek), Andora - Андора (Belarusian), Andora (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian, Turkish, Welsh), Andóra (Irish), Andoro (Esperanto), Andorra (Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Latin, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish), Andorra - Андорра (Russian), Andorre (French)
Argentina Argentiina (Finnish), Argentina (Bosnian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Italian, Latin, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish), Argentina - Аргентина (Russian), Argentína (Hungarian, Slovak), Argentine (French), Argentinië (Dutch), Argentinien (German), Argentino (Esperanto), Argentyna (Polish), yr Ariannin (Welsh), Arjantin (Turkish)
Armenia an Airméin (Irish), Armeenia (Estonian), Armčnia (Catalan), Armenía - Αρμενία (Greek), Armenia (Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Welsh), Arménia (Portuguese), Armenië (Dutch), Arménie (Czech, French), Armenien (Danish, German, Swedish), Armenija (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene), Armėnija (Lithuanian), Armenija - Армения (Russian), Armenio or Armenujo (Esperanto), Arménsko (Slovak), Ermenistan (Turkish), Ermənistan (Azeri), Jermenija (Serbian), Örményország (Hungarian)
Australia Austraalia (Estonian), Australia (Albanian, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish), Austrŕlia (Catalan), Austrália (Portuguese, Slovak), Australie (French), Australië (Dutch), Austrálie (Czech), Australien (Danish, German, Swedish), Australija (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Aŭstralio (Esperanto), Ausztrália (Hungarian), Avstralija (Slovene), Avstralija - Австралия (Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian), Avustralya (Turkish), Awstralia (Welsh)
Austria Afstría - Αυστρία (Greek), Austri (Albanian), Austria (Basque, Estonian, Italian, Latin, Polish, Romanian, Spanish), Ŕustria (Catalan), Áustria (Portuguese), Austrija (Bosnian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Aŭstrio or Aŭstrujo (Esperanto), Ausztria (Hungarian), Autriche (French), Avstrija (Slovene), Avstrija - Австрия (Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian), Avusturya (Turkish), Awstria (Welsh), Itävalta (Finnish), Nimsā (Arabic), Oostenrejk (Flemish), Oostenrijk (Dutch), an Ostair (Irish), Österreich (German), Österrike (Swedish), Řsterrike (Norwegian), Řstrig (Danish), Rakousko (Czech), Rakúsko (Slovak), Rakusza (former Polish)
Azerbaijan an Asarbaiseáin (Irish), Aserbaidschan (German), Aserbaidžaan (Estonian), Aserbaijan (Welsh), Aserbajdsjan (Norwegian), Azerbaidjan (Catalan), Azerbaďdjan (French), Azerbaidzán - Αζερμπαϊτζάν (Greek), Azerbaidžan (Finnish), Azerbaidžanas (Lithuanian), Azerbaidzania (Latin), Azerbaigian (Italian), Azerbaijăo (Portuguese), Azerbaiyán (Spanish), Azerbajdjan (Danish), Azerbajdžan (Slovak, Slovene), Ázerbajdžán (Czech), Azerbajdzjan (Swedish), Azerbajdzsán (Hungarian), Azerbajĝano (Esperanto), Azerbajdzhan - Азербайджан (Russian), Azərbaycan (Azeri), Azerbeidzjan (Dutch), Azerbejdżan (Polish), Azerbejdžan (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Azerbeycan (Turkish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Bahamas Bahama (Estonian, Turkish), Bahama or Bahamasaaret (Finnish), Bahamas (Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish) Bahama's (Dutch), Bahama-szigetek (Hungarian), Bahames (Catalan), Bahami (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene), Bahamoj (Esperanto), Bahamos (Lithuanian), Bahamy (Czech, Polish, Slovak), Bahamy - Багамы (Russian), Insulae Bahamenses (Latin)
Bahrain al-Bahrain - البحرين (Arabic), Bachrania (Latin), Bahrain (Danish, Estonian, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Welsh), Bahrajn (Czech, Slovak, Slovene), Bahrein (Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish), Bahreinas (Lithuanian), Bahrejn - Бахрейн (Russian), Bahreďn (French), Bahreyn (Turkish), Barejno (Esperanto)
Bangladesh Banglades (Hungarian), Bangladeš (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene), Bangladeş (Turkish), Bangladéš (Czech, Slovak), Bangladešas (Lithuanian), Bangladesch (German), Bangladesh (Catalan, Estonian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Bangladesh - Бангладеш (Russian), Bânglâdesh (Bengali), Bangladesia (Latin), Bangladeŝo (Esperanto), Bangladesz (Polish)
Belarus Baltarus or Baltarusija (Lithuanian), Belarus or Wit-Rusland (Dutch), Belarus' - Беларусь (Belarusian), Belarusz or Fehéroroszország (Hungarian), Belarws (Welsh), Bellorusia (Albanian), Belorusija (Slovene, Serbian), Bělorusko (Czech), Belorussia or Byelorussia (former English), Belorussiya - Белоруссия (Russian), Beyaz Rusya (Turkish), an Bhealarúis (Irish), Białoruś (Polish), Bielorrusia (Basque, Spanish), Bielorrússia (Portuguese), Bielorusko (Slovak), Bielorússia or Rússia Blanca (Catalan), Bielorussia (Italian), Biélorussie (French), Bilorus' - Білорусь (Ukrainian), Bjelorusija (Bosnian, Croatian), Hviderusland (Danish), Lefkorosía - Λευκορωσία (Greek), Ruthenia Alba (Latin), Valgevene (Estonian), Valko-Venäjä (Finnish), Weißrussland (German), Vitryssland (Swedish)
Belgium Belçika (Turkish), Belgia (Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian), Belgia or Belgica (Latin variants), Bčlgica (Catalan), Bélgica (Portuguese, Spanish), Belgicko (Slovak), Belgie (Czech), België (Afrikaans, Dutch), Belgien (Danish, German, Swedish), Beļģija (Latvian), Belgija (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovene), Belgiya - Белгия (Belarusian), Bel'giya - Бельгия (Russian), Belgika (Basque), Belgio (Esperanto, Italian), Belgique (French), Belgium (Hungarian, Latin), Belgje (Frisian), Belgjikë (Albanian), Bélxica (Galician), an Bheilg (Irish), Gwlad Belg (Welsh), Vélyio - Βέλγιο (Greek)
Belize Belice (Catalan, Spanish), Belîs (Welsh), Beliz - Белиз (Russian), Beliza (Latin), Belizas (Lithuanian), Belize (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish), Belizo (Esperanto)
Bhutan Bhoutan (French), Bhutan (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish), Bhután (Hungarian, Slovak), Bhútán (Czech), Bhutano (Esperanto), Bhwtan (Welsh), Butan (Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Slovene), Butan - Бутан (Belarusian, Russian), Bután (Spanish), Butanas (Lithuanian), Butanum (Latin), Butăo (Portuguese), Druk Yul (Dzongkha)
Bolivia Bolifia (Welsh), Boliivia (Estonian), Bolivia (Danish, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish), Bolívia (Catalan, Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak), Bolivie (French), Bolívie (Czech), Bolivija (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovene), Boliviya - Боливия (Russian), Bolivien (German), Bolivio (Esperanto), Bolivya (Turkish)
Bosnia-Herzegovina an Bhoisnia-Heirseagaivéin (Irish), Bosna a Hercegovina (Czech, Slovak), Bosna dhe Hercegovina (Albanian), Bosna Hersek (Turkish), Bosna i Hercegovina - Босна и Херцеговина (Belarusian), Bosna in Hercegovina (Slovene), Bosnia a Hertsegofina (Welsh), Bosnia-Erzegovina (Italian), Bosnia et Herzegovina (Latin), Bosna i Hercegovina (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Bosnia-Hercegovina (Norwegian), Bosnië-Hercegovina (Dutch), Bosnien og Herzegovina or Bosnien-Herzegovina (Danish), Bosnija ir Hercegovina (Lithuanian), Bosznia és Hercegovina (Hungarian), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Basque), Bňsnia-Herzegovina (Catalan), Bósnia-Herzegovina (Portuguese), Bośnia i Hercegowina (Polish), Bosnia ja Hertsegoviina (Estonian), Bosnia ja Hertsegovina or Bosnia-Hertsegovina (Finnish), Bosnia y Herzegovina (Spanish), Bosnie-Herzégovine (French), Bosnien-Herzegowina or Bosnien und Herzegowina (German), Bosnien och Hercegovina (Swedish), Bosnio kaj Hercegovino (Esperanto), Bosniya i Hertsegovina - Босния и Герцеговина (Russian), Vosnía ke Erzeghovíni - Βοσνία και Ερζεγοβίνη (Greek)
Botswana Bechuanaland (former name in English), Bocvana (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene), Bocvano (Esperanto), Botsuana (Latin), Botsvana (Lithuanian, Turkish), Botsvana - Ботсвана (Russian), Botswana (Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh)
Brazil Brasiilia (Estonian), Brasil (Catalan, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh), Brasile (Italian), Brasilia (Finnish, Latin), Brasilien (Danish, German, Swedish), Brazil (Bosnian, Croatian), Brazilia (Romanian), Brazília (Hungarian, Slovak), Brazilië (Dutch), Brazílie (Czech), Brazilija (Lithuanian, Slovene), Braziliya - Бразилия (Russia), Brazilo (Esperanto), Brazylia (Polish), Brésil (French), Brezilya (Turkish)
Bulgaria Bălgariya - България (Bulgarian), an Bhulgáir (Irish), Bolgarija (Slovene), Bolgariya - Болгария (Russian, Ukrainian), Bugarska (Croatian, Slovene, Serbian), Bulgaaria (Estonian), Bulgaria (Basque, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish), Bulgŕria (Catalan), Bulgária (Hungarian, Portuguese), Bułgaria (Polish), Bulgarie (French), Bulgarien (Danish, German, Swedish), Bulgārija (Latvian), Bulgarija (Lithuanian), Bulgarije (Dutch), Bulgario (Esperanto), Bulgaristan (Turkish), Bulharsko (Czech, Slovak), Bullgaria (Albanian), Bwlgaria (Welsh), Vulgharía - Βουλγαρία (Greek)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Cambodia Cambodge (French), Cambodia (Latin, Welsh), Cambodia or Cambodja (Danish), Cambodja (Catalan, Dutch), Cambogia (Italian), Camboja (Portuguese), Camboya (Spanish), Cam-pu-chia (Vietnamese), Kamboçya (Turkish), Kambodja (Swedish), Kambodscha (German), Kambodsja (Norwegian), Kambodža (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Kambodzha - Камбоджа (Bulgarian, Russian), Kambodzsa (Hungarian), Kamboĝo (Esperanto), Kamboxha (Albanian), Kampuchea (former name)
Cameroon Camarőes (Portuguese), Cameroun (Danish, French), Camerun (Italian, Romanian), Camerún (Spanish), Camerunia (Latin), Camerwn (Welsh), Kameroen (Dutch), Kamerun (Albanian, Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish), Kamerun - Камерун (Russian), Kamerūnas (Lithuanian), Kameruno (Esperanto)
Canada Canada (Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Welsh), Canadá (Portuguese, Spanish), Canadŕ (Catalan), Kanada (Bosnian, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish), Kanada - Канада (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian), Kanadë (Albanian), Kanado (Esperanto)
Cape Verde Cap Verd (Catalan), Cabo Verde (Estonian, Portuguese, Spanish), Cape Ferde (Welsh), Cape Verde (Turkish), Capo Verde (Italian), Capul Verde (Romanian), Cap-Vert (French), Kaapverdië (Dutch), Kabo-Verde - Кабо-Верде (Russian), Kapp Verde (Norwegian), Kap Verde (Finnish, German, Swedish), Kap Verde or Kapverdiske Řer (Danish), Kapverdy (Czech, Slovak), Zelenortski otoki (Slovene)
Central African Republic Centraal-Afrikaanse Republiek (Dutch), Centr-Afrika Respubliko (Esperanto), Centralafrikanska republiken (Swedish), Centralnoafrička Republika (Serbian), Den Centralafrikanske Republik (Danish), Den sentralafrikanske republikk (Norwegian), Kesk-Aafrika Vabariik (Estonian), Keski-Afrikan Tasavalta (Finnish), Repubblica Centroafricana (Italian), Republica Centrafricană (Romanian), República Centroafricana (Spanish), República Centro-Africana (Portuguese), Republika Środkowoafrykańska (Polish), République centrafricaine (French), Respublica Mediae Africae (Latin), Srednjeafriška republika (Slovene), Srednjoafrička Republika (Croatian), Stredoafrická republika (Slovak), Zentralafrikanische Republik (German)
Chad Čad (Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene), Çad (Turkish), Čadas (Lithuanian), Ĉado (Esperanto), Chad (Spanish, Welsh), Chad - Чад (Russian, Ukrainian), Chade (Portuguese), Ciad (Italian, Romanian), Csád (Hungarian), Czad (Polish), Tchad (Danish, French, Swedish), Tšaad (Estonian), Tšad (Finnish), Tschad (German), Tshād - تشاد (Arabic), Tsjaad (Dutch), Tsjad (Norwegian), Txad (Catalan), Tzadia (Latin)
Chile Chile (Czech, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish), Chili (Dutch, French), Chili Чили (Russian), Chilia (Latin), Cile (Italian), Čile (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovak, Slovene), Čilė (Lithuanian), Ĉilio (Esperanto), Şili (Turkish), Tšiili (Estonian), Tsili (Welsh), Xile (Catalan)
China China (Dutch, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish), Chine (French), Chiny (Polish), Çin (Turkish), Cina (Italian), Čína (Czech, Slovak), Ĉinio (Esperanto), Hiina (Estonian), Kiina (Finnish), Kina (Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Norwegian, Serbian, Swedish), Kína - Κίνα (Greek), Kína (Hungarian), Kinija (Lithuanian), Kitaj - Китай (Russian), Kitajska (Slovene), an tSín (Irish), Sina (Latin), Tseina (Welsh), Xina (Catalan)
See also: China in world languages.
Colombia Colombia (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Colňmbia (Catalan), Colômbia (Portuguese), Colombie (French), Columbia (Latin, Romanian), Kolombien (German), Kolombio (Esperanto), Kolombiya (Turkish), Kolumbia (Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak), Kolumbie (Czech), Kolumbija (Bosnian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovene), Kolumbiya - Колумбия (Russian)
Côte d'Ivoire Aktí Elefandostú - Ακτή Ελεφαντοστού (Greek), Bjelokosna Obala or Obala Bjelokosti (Croatian), Coasta de fildeş (Romanian), Costa d'Avorio (Italian), Costa de Marfil (Spanish), Costa do Marfim (Portuguese), Cote d'Ivoire (Danish), Côte d'Ivoire (French, German), Elefántcsontpart (Hungarian), Elfenbeinküste (former German), Elfenbenskusten (Swedish), Elfenbenskysten (former Danish), Ivoorkust (Dutch), Ivory Coast (English variant), Litus Eburneum (Latin), Norsunluurannikko (Finnish), Obala Slonovače (Serbian), Pobrežie Slonoviny (Slovak), y Traeth Ifori (Welsh), Wybrzeże Kości Słoniowej (Polish)
Croatia Chorvátsko (Slovak), Chorwacja (Polish), an Chróit (Irish), Croŕcia (Catalan), Croácia (Portuguese), Croacia (Spanish), Croatia (Latin, Welsh), Croaţia (Romanian), Croatie (French), Croazia (Italian), Hırvatistan (Turkish), Horvaatia (Estonian), Horvátország (Hungarian), Hrvatska (Croatian, Serbian), Kroaci (Albanian), Kroatia (Finnish), Kroatía - Κροατία (Greek), Kroatië (Dutch), Kroatien (Danish, German, Swedish), Kroazia (Basque)
Cuba Ciwba (Welsh), Cuba (Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish) Kuba (Croatian, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish), Küba (Turkish), Kubë (Albanian), Kubo (Esperanto), Kuuba (Estonian, Finnish)
Cyprus an Chipir (Irish), Chipre (Portuguese, Spanish), Chypre (French), Cipro (Italian), Cipru (Romanian), Ciprus (Hungarian), Cypern (Danish, Swedish), Cypr (Polish), Cyprus (Dutch, Latin, Slovak, Welsh), Kıbrıs (Turkish), Kipar (Serbian), Kipra (Latvian), Kípros - Κύπρος (Greek), Küpros (Estonian), Kypros (Finnish), Qipro (Albanian), Xipre (Catalan), Zipre (Basque), Zypern (German)
Czech Republic Cechia (Latin variant), Čehija (Latvian), Cehia (Romanian), Çek Cumhuriyeti (Turkish), Çeki (Albanian), Češka (Serbian), Česko (Czech, Slovak), Chequia or República Checa (Spanish), Chéquia or República Checa (Portuguese), Csehország (Hungarian), Czechia*, Czechy (Polish), Poblacht na Seice (Irish), Repubblica Ceca (Italian), Tchčquie or République tchčque (French), Tjeckien (Swedish), Tjekkiet (Danish), Tschechien (German), Tšehhi (Estonian), Tsekhía - Τσεχία (Greek), Tšekki (Finnish), Tsjechië (Dutch), Txekia (Basque), Txčquia (Catalan), Tzecia (Latin), y Weriniaeth Tsiec (Welsh))
*The name Czechia is used in official Czech texts in English, but is not otherwise in common use.


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Denmark Danemark (French), Dänemark (German), Danemarca (Romanian), Dánia (Hungarian), Dania (Latin, Polish), Dānija (Latvian), Danimarca (Italian), Danimarka (Basque, Turkish), Danimarkë (Albanian), Danmark (Danish, Swedish), an Danmhairg (Irish), Danska (Serbian), Dánsko (Slovak), Denemarken (Dutch), Denmarc (Welsh), Dhanía - Δανία (Greek), Dinamarca (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Taani (Estonian), Tanska (Finnish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Egypt Ägypten (German), Ćgypten or Egypten (Danish), Aegyptus (Latin), yr Aifft (Welsh), an Éigipt (Irish), Egipat (Serbian), Egipt (Polish, Romanian), Egipte (Catalan), Egipto (Portuguese, Spanish), Egiptus (Estonian), Egitto (Italian), Egjipt (Albanian), Egyiptom (Hungarian), Egypt (Czech, Slovak), Egypte (Dutch), Égypte (French), Egypten (Swedish), Egypti (Finnish), Éyiptos - Αίγυπτος (Greek), Mısır (Turkish)
England Anglaterra (Catalan), Angleterre (French), Angli (Albanian), Anglía - Αγγλία (Greek), Anglia (Latin, Polish, Romanian), Anglicko (Slovak), Anglija (Slovene), Anglio (Esperanto), Angliya - Англия (Bulgarian), Angolország (Hungarian), Bro-Saoz (Breton), Engeland (Dutch), England (Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish), Englanti (Finnish), Engleska (Croatian, Serbian), Inghilterra (Italian), İngiltere (Turkish), Inglaterra (Portuguese, Spanish), Inglismaa (Estonian), Lloegr (Welsh), Pow Sows (Cornish), Sasana (Irish)
Estonia an Eastóin (Irish), Eesti (Estonian), Esthonía - Εσθονία (Greek), Estland (Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish), Estoni (Albanian), Estonia (Basque, Italian, Latin, Polish, Spanish, Welsh), Estňnia (Catalan), Estónia (Portuguese), Estonie (French), Estonija (Serbian), Estónsko (Slovak), Estonya (Turkish), Észtország (Hungarian), Igaunija (Latvian), Viro (Finnish)
Ethiopia Abessinia (former Finnish), Abessinien (former Danish, German, Swedish), Abisinia (former Spanish), Abissinia (former Italian), Abyssinia (former English), Äthiopien (German), Aethiopia (Latin), an Aetóip (Irish), Ethiopía - Αιθιοπία (Greek), Ethiopia (Welsh), Ethiopië (Dutch), Éthiopie (French), Etiopi (Albanian), Etiňpia (Catalan), Etiopia (Finnish, Italian, Polish, Slovak), Etiópia (Hungarian, Portuguese), Etiopía (Spanish), Etiopien (Danish, Swedish), Etiyopya (Turkish), Ityop'iya (Amharic)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Finland Fennia or Finnia (Latin variants), y Ffindir (Welsh), an Fhionlainn (Irish), Finland (Danish, Dutch, Swedish), Finlande (French), Finlandë (Albanian), Finlandia (Basque, Italian, Latin, Polish, Spanish), Finlŕndia (Catalan), Finlandhía - Φινλανδία (Greek), Finlândia (Portuguese), Finlandiya (Turkish), Finnland (German), Finnország (Hungarian), Finska (Serbian), Fínsko (Slovak), Somija (Latvian), Soome (Estonian), Suomi (Finnish), Suomija (Lithuanian)
France Ffrainc (Welsh), an Fhrainc (Irish), França (Catalan, Portuguese), France (French), Francë (Albanian), Francia (Italian, Latin, Spanish), Franciaország (Hungarian), Francie (Czech), Francija (Latvian), Francio (Esperanto), Francja (Polish), Francogallia or Gallia (Latin variants), Francuska (Croatian, Serbian), Francúzsko (Slovak), Frankreich (German), Frankrig (Danish), Frankriich (Alsatian), Frankrijk (Dutch), Frankrike (Swedish), Fransa (Turkish), Frantzia (Basque), Ghalía - Γαλλία (Greek), Prankūzija (Lithuanian), Prantsusmaa (Estonian), Ranska (Finnish), Tzarfat - צרפת (Hebrew)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Georgia Geňrgia (Catalan), Georgia (Estonian variant, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Welsh), Geórgia (Portuguese), Georgië (Dutch), Géorgie (French), Georgien (Danish, German, Swedish), Gruusia (Estonian, old Finnish name), Gruzia (Albanian), Grúzia (Hungarian), Gruzija (Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Gruzínsko (Slovak), Gruzja (Polish), Gürcistan (Turkish), Sakartvelo (Georgian), an tSeoirsia (Irish), Yeoryía - Γεωργία (Greek)
Germany Alemanha (Portuguese), Alemania (Basque, Spanish), Alemanya (Catalan), Allemagne (French), yr Almaen (Welsh), Almānīya (Arabic), Almanya (Turkish), Deutschland (German), Duitsland (Dutch), Düütschland (Low Saxon), Germania (Italian, Latin), Germanio (Esperanto), an Ghearmáin (Irish), Gjermani (Albanian), Nemačka (Serbian), Německo (Czech), Nemecko (Slovak), Németország (Hungarian), Niemcy (Polish), Njemačka (Croatian), Vācija (Latvian), Saksa (Finnish), Saksamaa (Estonian), Tyskland (Danish, Swedish), Vokietija (Lithuanian), Yermanía - Γερμανία (Greek)
Great Britain an Bhreatain Mór (Irish), Britania e Madhe (Albanian), Britannia or Magna Britannia (Latin), Büyük Britanya (Turkish), Gră-Bretanha (Portuguese), Gran Bretagna (Italian), Gran Bretańa (Spanish), Gran Bretanya (Catalan), Grande-Bretagne (French), Groot-Brittannië (Dutch), Großbritannien (German), Iso-Britannia (Finnish), Lielbritānija (Latvian), Megháli Vretanía - Μεγάλη Βρεταννία (Greek), Nagy-Britannia (Hungarian), Prydain Fawr (Welsh), Storbritannien (Danish, Swedish), Suurbritannia (Estonian), Velika Britanija (Serbian), Veľká Británia (Slovak), Wielka Brytania (Croatian, Polish)
Greece Eládha - Ελλάδα or Elás - Ελλάς (Greek), an Ghréig (Irish), Graecia (Latin), Grćkenland (Danish), Graikija (Lithuanian), Grčka (Serbian), Grčce (French), Grčcia (Catalan), Grecia (Italian, Spanish), Grécia (Portuguese), Grecja (Polish), Grécko (Slovak), Grekland (Swedish), Greqi (Albanian), Grezia (Basque), Griechenland (German), Griekenland (Dutch), Grieķija (Latvian), Görögország (Hungarian), Gwlad Groeg (Welsh), Hellas (Norwegian), Kreeka (Estonian), Kreikka (Finnish), Yunanistan (Turkish)
Greenland an Ghraonlainn (Irish), Grenland (Albanian, Serbian), Grenlande (Latvian), Grenlandia (Polish), Groelândia (Portuguese variant), Groenland (Dutch, French), Groenlandia (Italian, Latin, Spanish), Groenlândia (Portuguese variant), Gronelândia (Portuguese), Grřnland (Danish), Grönland (German, Hungarian, Swedish, Turkish), Grönlanti (Finnish), Grónsko (Slovak), Gröönimaa (Estonian), Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenlandic), y Lasynys (Welsh)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Holland Batavia (Latin variant), Holanda (Albanian, Portuguese, Spanish), Holandia (Polish), Holandija (Serbian), Holandsko (Slovak), Hollân (Frisian), Holland (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Swedish), Hollanda (Turkish), Hollande (French), Hollandia (Hungarian, Latin), Hollanti (Finnish), Olanda (Italian), Olandhía - Ολλανδία (Greek), Olandija (Lithuanian), an Ollainn (Irish)
Note: Strictly speaking, Holland is only a part of the Netherlands, but the name is often used to refer to the whole country.
Hungary Hongarije (Dutch), Hongria (Catalan), Hongrie (French), Hungari (Albanian), Hungaria (Basque, Latin), Hungría (Spanish), Hungria (Portuguese), Hwngari (Welsh), Macaristan (Turkish), Mađarska (Serbian), Madžarska (Croatian), Maďarsko (Czech, Slovak), Magyarország (Hungarian), an Ungáir (Irish), Ungari (Estonian), Ungaría - Ουγγαρία (Greek), Ungārija (Latvian), Ungarn (Danish, German), Ungern (Swedish), Ungheria (Italian), Unkari (Finnish), Vengrija (Lithuanian), Węgry (Polish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Iceland Gwlad yr Iâ (Welsh), IJsland (Dutch), an Íoslainn (Irish), Island (Danish, Estonian, German, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish), Islanda (Italian), Islande (French), Islandë (Albanian), Islandia (Basque, Latin, Polish, Spanish), Islŕndia (Catalan), Islandhía - Ισλανδία (Greek), Islândia (Portuguese), Islandija (Lithuanian), Islanti (Finnish), Izland (Hungarian), İzlanda (Turkish)
India Bhaarat (Hindi), Bhaarathaa (Tamil), Bhaaratvarsha (Sanskrit, Telugu, Marathi), Bhaarowtbaursho (Assamese, Bengali), Hindistan (Turkish), Hindustan (Urdu), Inde (French), Indi (Albanian), Índia (Catalan, Portuguese), India (Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Slovak, Spanish, Welsh), Indija (Serbian), Indhía - Ινδία (Greek), an India (Irish), Indie (Polish), Indien (Danish, German, Swedish), Indija (Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Intia (Finnish), Indo (Japanese)
Iraq al-Iraq العراق (Arabic), Iraak (Estonian), Irac (Welsh), Irak (Albanian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish), Irakas (Lithuanian), Irako (Esperanto), Iraq (Italian, Kurdish), Iraque (Portuguese), Iraquia (Latin), Mesopotamia (Latin variant)
Ireland Airija (Lithuanian), Éire (Irish), Hibernia (Latin variant), Ierland (Dutch), Iirimaa (Estonian), Īrija (Latvian), Irland (Danish, German, Swedish), Irlanda (Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Irlandë (Albanian), İrlanda (Turkish), Irlande (French), Irlandhía - Ιρλανδία (Greek), Irlandia (Latin, Polish), Irlanti (Finnish), Írország (Hungarian), Irska (Serbian), Írsko (Slovak), Iwerddon (Welsh)
Note: The island of Ireland is partitioned between two states: the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.
Israel Iisrael (Estonian), Israel (Danish, Finnish, German, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Israël (Dutch, French), Israele (Italian), Israelo (Esperanto), İsrail (Turkish), Isra'il (Arabic), Izrael (Albanian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Izraelis (Lithuanian), Yisra'el (Hebrew)
Italy yr Eidal (Welsh), an Iodáil (Irish), Itaalia (Estonian), Itali (Albanian), Italia (Basque, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Spanish), Itŕlia (Catalan), Italía - Ιταλία (Greek), Itália (Portuguese), Italie (French), Itálie (Czech), Italië (Dutch), Italien (Danish, German, Swedish), Italija (Croatian, Lithuanian, Serbian), Itālija (Latvian), Italio (Esperanto), Itālīya (Arabic), İtalya (Turkish), Olaszország (Hungarian), Taliansko (Slovak), Włochy (Polish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Jamaica Giamaica (Italian), Jamaica (Estonian, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Jamaika (Finnish, German, Lithuanian, Turkish), Jamaďque (French), Jamajka (Croatian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene), Jamajko (Esperanto), Xhamaijkë (Albanian)
Japan Giappone (Italian), Iaponía - Ιαπωνία (Greek), Iaponia (Latin), Japan (Danish, Dutch, German, Serbian, Swedish), Japán (Hungarian), Japani (Finnish), Japăo (Portuguese), Japó (Catalan), Japon (French), Japón (Spanish), Japonia (Polish), Japonija (Lithuanian), Japonsko (Slovak), Japonya (Turkish), Nippon or Nihon (Japanese), an tSeapáin (Irish), Siapan (Welsh)
Jordan Erdün (Turkish), Giordania (Italian), Jordaania (Estonian), Jordan (Croatian, Danish, Norwegian, Serbian), Jordania (Finnish, Latin, Polish), Jordánia (Hungarian), Jordanie (French), Jordanië (Dutch), Jordanien (German, Swedish), Jordanija (Lithuanian, Slovene), Jordanio (Esperanto), Jordánsko (Slovak), al-Urdunn (Arabic); Transjordan (former name in English)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Kazakhstan Casachia (Latin), Casachstan (Welsh), Cazaquistăo (Portuguese), an Chasacstáin (Irish), Kasachstan (German), Kasahstan (Estonian), Kazachstan (Dutch, Polish, Slovak), Kazachstanas (Lithuanian), Kazahsztán (Hungarian), Kazajistán, Kazajstán, or Kazakstán (Spanish), Kazahstan (French, Serbian), Kazakhstán - Καζαχστάν or Kazakstán - Καζακστάν (Greek), Kazakistan (Italian, Turkish), Kazakstan (Danish, Finnish, Swedish)
Kyrgyzstan Chirgisia (Latin), Cyrgystan (Welsh), Kirghizistan (French, Italian), Kirgisia (Finnish), Kirgisien (Danish), Kirgisistan (German, Norwegian, Danish variant), Kirgistan (Croatian, Danish variant), Kirgizië (Dutch), Kirgizija (Lithuanian, Slovene), Kirgizio (Esperanto), Kirgizistan (Swedish, Tukish, Slovene variant), Kirgizisztán (Hungarian), Kirgizsko (Slovak), Kőrgőzstan (Estonian), Kyrgyzstan (Kirghis), Kyrgyzstan - Кыргызстан (Russian), Quirguistăo (Portuguese)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Latvia an Laitvia (Irish), Latfia (Welsh), Látvia - Λάτβια (Greek variant), Läti (Estonian), Latvia (Finnish), Latvija (Latvian, Lithuanian), Letland (Danish, Dutch), Letonia (Basque, Romanian, Spanish), Letňnia (Catalan), Letonía - Λετονία or Λεττονία (Greek), Letónia (Portuguese), Letonija (Serbian), Letonya (Turkish), Lettland (German, Swedish), Lettonia (Italian, Latin), Lettonie (French), Lettország (Hungarian), Łotwa (Polish), Lotyšsko (Slovak)

Lebanon Liban (French, Polish, Serbian), Libanas (Lithuanian), Libano (Italian), Líbano (Portuguese, Spanish), Libanon (Danish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Slovak, Swedish), Libanus (Latin, Welsh), an Liobáin (Irish), Lübnan (Turkish)
Libya Libia (Basque, Catalan, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Welsh), Líbia (Hungarian, Portuguese), an Libia (Irish), Libië (Dutch), Libija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Libya (Finnish, Latin, Turkish), Líbya (Slovak), Libye (French), Libyen (Danish, German, Swedish), Livíi - Λιβύη (Greek)
Liechtenstein Lichtenštajnsko (Slovak), Lichtenštejnsko (Czech), Lichtenstenum (Latin), Liechtenstein (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Lihtenshtajn (Albanian), Lihtenštajn (Croatian, Slovene), Liĥtenŝtejno (Esperanto)
Lithuania Leedu (Estonian), Liettua (Finnish), Lietuva (Latvian, Lithuanian), an Liotuáin (Irish), Litauen (Danish, German, Swedish), Lithuanía - Λιθουανία (Greek), Lithwania (Welsh), Litouwen (Dutch), Lituania (Basque, Italian, Latin, Romanian, Spanish), Lituŕnia (Catalan), Lituânia (Portuguese), Lituanie (French), Litva (Slovak), Litvánia (Hungarian), Litvanija (Serbian), Litvanya (Turkish), Litwa (Polish)
Luxembourg Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourgish), Liuksemburgas (Lithuanian), Lucsamburg (Irish), Luksemburg (Estonian, Polish, Serbian), Lüksemburg (Turkish), Luksemburga (Latvian), Lussemburgo (Italian), Luxembourg or Luxemburg (Danish), Luxembourg (French), Luxemburg (Basque variant, Catalan, Dutch, English variant, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Swedish), Luxemburgia (Latin variant), Luxemburgo (Portuguese, Spanish), Luxemburgum (Latin), Luxembursko (Slovak), Luxemvúrgho - Λουξεμβούργο (Greek), Luxenburgo (Basque), Lwcsembwrg (Welsh)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) (English variant), Macédoine (French), Macedňnia (Catalan), Macedónia (Hungarian, Portuguese), Macedonia (Italian, Latin, Polish, Spanish, Welsh), Macedonië (Dutch), Macedónsko (Slovak), Makedonia (Finnish), Makedonien (Danish, Swedish), Makedonija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Makedonya (Turkish), Makedoonia (Estonian), Maqedoni (Albanian), Mazedonia (Basque), Mazedonien (German), an Mhacadóin (Irish), Próin Yiugoslavikí Dhimokratía tis Makedhonías (PGDM) - Πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβική Δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας (ΠΓΔΜ) or Skopía - Σκοπία (Greek)
''Note: The use of the name "Macedonia" by the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is disputed by Greece.
Madagascar Madagasikara (Malagasy), Madagascar (French, Italian, Spanish), Madagascár (Portuguese) Madagaskar (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish), Madagascaria (Latin), Madagaskaro (Esperanto)
Malaysia Malaesia (Latin), Malaezia (Romanian), Malaisie (French), Malajzia (Slovak), Malásia (Portuguese), Malaysia (Danish, German, Malay, Swedish), Maleisië (Dutch), Malesia (Finnish), Malezija (Serbian), Malezja (Polish, Slovene)
Malta Malta (Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh), Málta - Μάλτα (Greek), Málta (Hungarian, Irish), Malte (French), Melita or Melitta (Latin)
Mexico Mecsico (Welsh), Mehhiko (Estonian), Mehika (Slovene), Meksika (Lithuanian, Turkish), Meksiko (Croatian, Esperanto, Finnish, Serbian), Meksyk (Polish), Messico (Italian), Mčxic (Catalan), Mexic (Romanian), Mexico (Danish, Dutch, Norwegian), México (Portuguese), México or Méjico (Spanish), Mexicum (Latin), Mexiko (German, Slovak, Swedish), Mexikó (Hungarian), Mexique (French)
Moldova an Mholdóiv (Irish), Moldavia (Basque, Italian, Latin, and former English), Moldavia or Moldova (Spanish), Moldavië (Dutch), Moldavie (French), Moldavien (Swedish), Moldavien or Moldova (Danish), Moldavija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Moldavsko (Slovak), Mołdawia or Mołdowa (Polish), Moldawien (German), Moldhavía - Μολδαβία (Greek), Moldofa (Welsh), Moldova (Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian), Moldova or Moldávia (Portuguese), Moldovia (Latin variant), Moldovya (Turkish)
Monaco Monaco (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Welsh), Monacó (Irish), Mónaco (Portuguese, Spanish), Monakas (Lithuanian), Monako (Basque, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish), Monakó - Μονακό (Greek), Monoecus (Latin)
Mongolia Mongolei (German), Mongolia (Albanian, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Welsh), Mongólia (Hungarian), Mongólía (Icelandic), Mongolie (French), Mongoliet (Danish, Swedish), Mongolija (Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovene, Serbian), Mongolio (Esperanto), Mongolsko (Slovak), Mongol Uls - Монгол Улс (Mongolian), Mongoolia (Estonian),
Montenegro Čierna Hora (Slovak), Crna Gora (Croatian, Serbian), Czarnogóra (Polish), Juodkalnija (Lithuanian), Karadağ (Turkish), Mali i Zi (Albanian), Mavrovúnio - Μαυροβούνιο (Greek), Montainéagró (Irish), Montenegro (Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh), Monténégro (French), Montenegró (Hungarian), Montes Nigrae (Latin), Muntenegru (Romanian)
Morocco Fas (Turkish), Maracó (Irish), Maroc (French, Romanian), Marocco (Italian), Marochium (Latin variant), Marocko (Swedish), Marocum (Latin), Marokas (Lithuanian), Marokko (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German), Marokkó (Hungarian), Maroko (Estonian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak), Maróko - Μαρόκο (Greek), Marroc (Catalan), Marrocos (Portuguese), Marruecos (Spanish), Moroco (Welsh)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Netherlands Alankomaat (Finnish), Felemenk (Turkish), Herbehereak (Basque), Holandsko (Slovak since 1830), yr Iseldiroedd (Welsh), an Ísiltír (Irish), Káto Khóres - Κάτω Χώρες (Greek), Madalmaad (Estonian), Nederlân (Frisian), Nederland (Dutch), Nederländerna (Swedish), Nederlandia (Latin), Nīderlande (Latvian), Niderlandy (Polish), Niederlande (German), Nizozemska (Croatian), Nizozemsko (Slovak before 1830), Paesi Bassi (Italian), Países Baixos (Portuguese), Países Bajos (Spanish), Paďsos Baixos (Catalan), Pays-Bas (French), Ţările de jos (Romanian)
New Zealand Aotearoa or Niu Tireni (Maori), Neuseeland (German), New Zealand (Danish, Norwegian), Nieuw-Zeeland (Dutch), Noua Zeelandă (Romanian), Nouvelle-Zélande (French), Nova Zelandia (Latin), Nova Zelândia (Portuguese), Nova Zelandija (Slovene), Novi Zeland (Croatian, Serbian), Nový Zéland (Czech, Slovak), Nov-Zelando (Esperanto), Nowa Zelandia (Polish), Nueva Zelanda (Spanish), Nuova Zelanda (Italian), Nya Zeeland (Swedish), Ny-Zealand (Norwegian variant), Seland Newydd (Welsh), Uusi-Seelanti (Finnish), Uus-Meremaa (Estonian), Zelanda e Re (Albanian)
Northern Ireland Észak-Írország (Hungarian), Gogledd Iwerddon (Welsh), Hibernia Septentrionalis (Latin), Irlanda del Nord (Catalan, Italian), Irlanda del Norte (Spanish), Irlanda de Nord (Romanian), Irlanda do Norte (Portuguese), Irlande du Nord (French), Irlandia Północna (Polish), Noord-Ierland (Dutch), Nordirland (Danish, German, Swedish), Pőhja-Iirimaa (Estonian), Pohjois-Irlanti (Finnish), Severna Irska (Serbian), Severné Írsko (Slovak), Šiaurės Airija (Lithuanian), Tuaisceart Éireann (Irish), Vórios Irlandhía - Βόρειος Ιρλανδία (Greek), Ziemeļīrija (Latvian)
Other (controversial) names: na Sé Chontae or Tuaisceart na hÉireann (Irish), North of Ireland, Six Counties, or Ulster (English)
Norway an Iorua (Irish), Noorwegen (Dutch), Noreg (Norwegian-Nynorsk), Norge (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian-Bokmĺl), Norja (Finnish), Norra (Estonian), Nórsko (Slovak), Noruega (Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish), Norveç (Turkish), Norvčge (French), Norvegia (Basque, Italian, Latin, Romanian), Norvégia (Hungarian), Norvegija (Lithuanian), Norveška (Serbian), Norviyía - Νορβηγία (Greek), Norwegen (German), Norwegia (Polish), Norwy (Welsh)



English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Philippines Filipiinid (Estonian), Filipinai (Lithuanian), Filipinas (Spanish, Portuguese), Filipine (Albanian, Romanian), Filipini (Croatian, Slovene), Filipinler (Turkish), Filipinoj (Esperanto), Filipiny (Polish), Filipíny (Slovak), Filippiinit (Finnish), Filippijnen (Dutch), Filippine (Italian), Filippinene (Norwegian), Filippinerna (Swedish), Filippinerne (Danish), Philippinae (Latin), Philippinen (German), Philippines (French), Pilipinas (Tagalog),
Poland Gwlad Pwyl (Welsh), Lengyelország (Hungarian), Lenkija (Lithuanian), an Pholainn (Irish), Polen (Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish), Polija (Latvian), Poljska (Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene), Poljska - Пољска (Serbian), Pólland (Icelandic), Pollando (Esperanto), Pologne (French), Polonia (Basque, Italian, Latin, Romanian, Spanish), Polňnia (Catalan), Polónia (Portuguese), Polonía - Πολωνία (Greek), Polonya (Turkish), Polsha - Полша (Bulgarian), Pol'sha - Польша (Russian), Pol'scha - Польща (Ukrainian), Polska (Polish), Polsko (Czech, Slovak), Poola (Estonian), Puola (Finnish)
Portugal Lusitania (Latin variant), an Phortaingéil (Irish), Portekiz (Turkish), Portiwgal (Welsh), Portoghalía - Πορτογαλία or Πορτογαλλία (Greek), Portogallo (Italian), Portugal (Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish), Portugāle (Latvian), Portugali (Finnish), Portugália (Hungarian), Portugalia (Polish, Romanian), Portugalija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Portugallia (Latin), Portugalsko (Slovak)

Principality of Monaco Furstendömet Monaco (Swedish), Fürstentum Monaco (German), Kneževina Monako (Serbian), Księstwo Monako (Polish), Monacké kniežatstvo (Slovak), Monacói Hercegség (Hungarian), Monacon Ruhtinaskunta (Finnish), Principado de Mónaco (Spanish), Principato di Monaco (Italian), Principauté de Monaco (French)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Romania Errumania (Basque), Roemenië (Dutch), an Rómáin (Irish), Romania (Catalan, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Welsh), Románia (Hungarian), România (Romanian), Romanya (Turkish), Roménia (Portuguese), Roumanie (French), Rumćnien (Danish), Rumanía - Ρουμανία (Greek), Rumania (Albanian, Spanish), Rumänien (German, Swedish), Rumānija (Latvian), Rumeenia (Estonian), Rumunia (Polish), Rumunija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Rumunsko (Slovak)
Russia Errusia (Basque), Krievija (Latvian), Oroszország (Hungarian), Rosía - Ρωσία (Greek), Rosja (Polish), an Rúis (Irish), Rus (Albanian), Rusia (Romanian, Spanish), Rusija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Rusko (Slovak), Rusland (Danish, Dutch), Rússia (Catalan, Portuguese), Russia (Italian, Latin), Russie (French), Rüssland (Alsatian), Russland (German), Rusya (Turkish), Rwsia (Welsh), Ryssland (Swedish), Venäjä (Finnish), Venemaa (Estonian)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
San Marino Áyios Marínos - Άγιος Μαρίνος (Greek), Respublica Sancti Marini (Latin), Saint-Marin (French), San Mairíne (Irish), San Marinas (Lithuanian), San Marino (Basque, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh)
Saudi Arabia Arabia Saudiana (Latin), Arabia Saudita (Italian, Spanish), Arabia Saudită (Romanian), Arábia Saudita (Portuguese), Arabia Saudite (Albanian), Arabia Saudyjska (Polish), Arabie Saoudite (French), al Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (Arabic), Saoedi-Arabië (Dutch), Saŭda Arabio (Esperanto), Saudi Araabia (Estonian), Saudi-Arabia (Finnish, Norwegian), Saudiarabien (Swedish), Saudi-Arabien (Danish, German), Saudijska Arabija (Croatian, Serbian), Saudo Arabija (Lithuanian), Saudova Arabija (Slovene), Saudská Arábia (Slovak), Sawdi Arabia (Welsh), Suudi Arabistan (Turkish), Szaúd-Arábia (Hungarian),
Scotland Albain (Irish), yr Alban (Welsh), Écosse (French), Escňcia (Catalan), Escócia (Portuguese), Escocia (Spanish), İskoçya (Turkish), Schotland (Dutch), Schottland (German), Scotia (Latin), Scoţia (Romanian), Scozia (Italian), Skotía - Σκωτία (Greek), Škotija (Lithuanian), Škotska (Serbian), Skotland (Danish), Skotlanti (Finnish), Škótsko (Slovak), Skottland (Swedish), Šotimaa (Estonian), Szkocja (Polish)
Serbia an tSeirbia (Irish), Serbia (Albanian, Basque, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Latin, Polish, Spanish, Welsh), Sčrbia (Catalan), Serbie (French), Serbien (Danish, German, Swedish), Serbija (Lithuanian), Servía - Σερβία (Greek), Sérvia (Portuguese), Servië (Dutch), Sırbistan (Turkish), Srbija (Serbian), Srbsko (Slovak), Szerbia (Hungarian)
Serbia and Montenegro an tSeirbia agus Montainéagró (Irish), Serbia a Montenegro (Welsh), Serbia dhe Mali i Zi (Albanian), Serbia e Montenegro (Italian), Serbia eta Montenegro (Basque), Serbia et Montes Nigrae (Latin), Serbia i Czarnogóra (Polish), Sčrbia i Montenegro (Catalan), Serbia ja Montenegro (Estonian, Finnish), Serbia şi Muntenegru (Romanian), Serbia y Montenegro (Spanish), Serbie-et-Monténégro (French), Serbien och Montenegro (Swedish), Serbien og Montenegro (Danish), Serbien und Montenegro (German), Serbija ir Juodkalnija (Lithuanian), Sérvia e Montenegro (Portuguese), Servía ke Mavrovúnio - Σερβία και Μαυροβούνιο (Greek), Servië en Montenegro (Dutch), Sırbistan-Karadağ (Turkish), Srbija i Crna Gora (Serbian), Srbsko a Čierna Hora (Slovak), Szerbia és Montenegró (Hungarian)
Slovakia Eslovakia (Basque), Eslovŕquia (Catalan), Eslováquia (Portuguese), Eslovaquia (Spanish), Slofacia (Welsh), Slovacchia (Italian), Slovacia (Latin, Romanian), Slovačka (Serbian), an tSlóvaic (Irish), Slovakia (Finnish), Slovakía - Σλοβακία (Greek), Slovakien (Swedish), Slovakiet (Danish), Slovākija (Latvian), Slovakija (Lithuanian), Slovakije or Slowakije (Dutch), Slovakkia (Estonian), Slovakya (Turkish), Slovaquie (French), Slovensko (Slovak), Słowacja (Polish), Slowakei (German), Szlovákia (Hungarian)
Slovenia Eslovenia (Basque, Spanish), Eslovčnia (Catalan), Eslovénia (Portuguese), Slofenia (Welsh), an tSlóivéin (Irish), Sloveenia (Estonian), Slovenia (Finnish, Italian, Latin), Slovenía - Σλοβενία (Greek), Slovenië (Dutch), Slovénie (French), Slovenien (Danish, Swedish), Slovēnija (Latvian), Slovėnija (Lithuanian), Slovenija (Serbian), Slovenya (Turkish), Slovinsko (Slovak), Słowenia (Polish), Slowenien (German), Szlovénia (Hungarian)
South Africa Africa Australis (Latin), Africa de Sud (Romanian), De Affrica (Welsh), Etelä-Afrikka (Finnish), Južná Afrika (Slovak), Južnofrička republika (Serbian), Południowa Afryka (Polish), Südafrika (German), Suid-Afrika (Afrikaans), Sydafrika (Danish), Zuid-Afrika (Dutch)
Spain Espagne (French), Espainia (Basque), Espańa (Spanish), Espanha (Portuguese), Espanja (Finnish), Espanya (Catalan), Hispaania (Estonian), Hispania (Latin), Hiszpania (Polish), Ispanía - Ισπανία (Greek), Ispanija (Lithuanian), İspanya (Turkish), Sbaen (Welsh), Sefarad - ספרד (Hebrew), Spagna (Italian), an Spáinn (Irish), Spania (Romanian), Španielsko (Slovak), Spanien (Danish, German, Swedish), Spānija (Latvian), Španija (Serbian), Spanje (Dutch), Spanyolország (Hungarian)
Sweden İsveç (Turkish), Rootsi (Estonian), Ruotsi (Finnish), Schweden (German), an tSualainn (Irish), Sučcia (Catalan), Suécia (Portuguese), Suecia (Latin, Spanish), Sučde (French), Suedia (Basque, Romanian), Suetia (Latin variant), Suidhía - Σουηδία (Greek), Švedija (Lithuanian), Svédország (Hungarian), Švedska (Serbian), Švédsko (Slovak), Sverige (Danish, Swedish), Svezia (Italian), Sweden (Welsh), Szwecja (Polish), Zviedrija (Latvian), Zweden (Dutch)
Switzerland an Eilvéis (Irish), Elvetía - Ελβετία (Greek), Elveţia (Romanian), Helvetia (Latin), İsviçre (Turkish), Schweiz (Danish, German, Swedish), Suíça (Portuguese), Suďssa (Catalan), Suisse (French), Suitza (Basque), Suiza (Spanish), Svájc (Hungarian), Švajcarska (Serbian), Švajčiarsko (Slovak), Šveicarija (Lithuanian), Šveits (Estonian), Sveitsi (Finnish), Svizzera (Italian), y Swistir (Welsh), Szwajcaria (Polish), Zwitserland (Dutch)
Syria Síria (Catalan, Portuguese), Siría - Συρία (Greek), an tSiria (Irish), Siria (Italian, Romanian, Spanish), Sirija (Lithuanian, Serbian), Soría (old Italian), Suriye (Turkish), Syria (Latin, Polish, Welsh), Sýria (Slovak), Syrië (Dutch), Syrie (French), Syrien (Danish, German, Swedish), Syyria (Finnish), Szíria (Hungarian)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Tajikistan Tacikistan (Turkish), Tadicia (Latin), Tadjikistan (Catalan, French), Tadschikistan (German), Tadsjikistan (Norwegian), Tadžikija (Lithuanian), Tadžikistan (Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Slovak, Slovene), Tadzjikistan (Dutch, Swedish), Tádzsikisztán (Hungarian), Tadżykistan (Polish), Tagikistan (Italian), Taĝikio (Esperanto), Tajicistan or Tajikistan (Welsh), Tayikistán (Spanish), Tojikiston (Tajik)

Thailand Prathet Thai - ราชอาณาจักรไทย (Thai), Siam (old name), Tai (Estonian), Tailand - Таиланд (Russian), Tailandia (Italian, Spanish), Tailândia (Portuguese), Tajland (Serbian), Tajlandia (Polish), Tajlando (Esperanto), Tajska (Slovene), Thailand (Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish), Thaďlande (French), Thailandia (Latin), Thaimaa (Finnish), Thajsko (Slovak)
Tunisia Tinisía - Τυνησία (Greek), Tiwnisia (Welsh), an Túinéis (Irish), Tunesia (Latin), Tunesië (Dutch), Tunesien (Danish, German), Túnez (Spanish), Tunézia (Hungarian), Tunezja (Polish), Tunis (Serbian), Tunisas (Lithuanian), Tunisia (Basque, Finnish, Italian), Tunísia (Catalan, Portuguese), Tunisie (French), Tunisien (Swedish), Tunisko (Slovak), Tunus (Turkish)
Turkey Törökország (Hungarian), an Tuirc (Irish), Turchia (Italian), Turcia (Latin, Romanian), Turcija (Latvian), Turcja (Polish), Turecko (Slovak), Türgi (Estonian), Türkei (German), Turkia (Basque), Turkía - Τουρκία (Greek), Turkiet (Swedish), Turkija (Lithuanian), Turkije (Dutch), Türkiye (Turkish), Turkki (Finnish), Turquia (Catalan, Portuguese), Turquía (Spanish), Turquie (French), Turska (Serbian), Twrci (Welsh), Tyrkiet (Danish)
Turkmenistan Turcmenia (Latin), Turkmėnija (Lithuanian), Turkmenio (Esperanto), Turkmenistan (Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish), Turkmenistán (Spanish), Turkménistan (French), Türkmenistan (Estonian, Turkish), Türkmenisztán (Hungarian), Twrcmenistan (Welsh)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Ukraine Oekraďne (Dutch), an Úcráin (Irish), Ucraďna (Catalan), Ucraina (Italian, Latin, Romanian), Ucrania (Spanish), Ucrânia (Portuguese), Ukraina (Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish), Ukraine (Alsatian, French, Danish, German), Ukrajina (Serbian, Slovak), Ukrajna (Hungarian), Ukrania (Basque), Ukranía - Ουκρανία (Greek), Ukrayna (Turkish), yr Wcráin (Welsh)
United Kingdom Apvienotā Karaliste (Latvian), Birleşik Krallık (Turkish), y Deyrnas Unedig (Welsh), Egyesült Királyság (Hungarian), Erresuma Batua (Basque), det Forenede Kongerige (Danish), Inoméno Vasílio - Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο (Greek), Jungtinė Karalystė (Lithuanian), Regatul Unit (Romanian), Regne Unit (Catalan), Regno Unito (Italian), Regnum Unitum (Latin), Reino Unido (Portuguese, Spanish), an Ríocht Aontaithe (Irish), Royaume-Uni (French), Spojené kráľovstvo (Slovak), Ühendkuningriik (Estonian), Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo (Serbian), Vereinigtes Königreich (German), Verenigd Koninkrijk (Dutch), Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta (Finnish), Zjednoczone Królestwo (Polish)
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Förenade konungariket Storbritannien och Nordirland (Swedish), det Forenede Kongerige Storbritannien og Nordirland (Danish), Inoméno Vasílio tis Meghális Vretanías ke Voríu Irlandhías - Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο της Μεγάλης Βρεταννίας και Βορείου Ιρλανδίας (Greek), Ison Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin Yhdistynyt Kuningaskunta (Finnish), Jungtinė Didžiosios Britanijos ir Šiaurės Airijos Karalystė (Lithuanian), Lielbritānijas un Ziemeļīrijas Apvienotā Karaliste (Latvian), Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii şi Irlandei de Nord (Romanian), Regne Unit de la Gran Bretanya i Irlanda del Nord (Catalan), Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord (Italian), Regnum Unitum Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Septentrionalis (Latin), Reino Unido da Gră-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte (Portuguese), Reino Unido de Gran Bretańa e Irlanda del Norte (Spanish), Ríocht Aontaithe na Breataine Móire agus Thuaisceart Éireann (Irish), An Rěoghachd Aonaichte na Breatainn Mhňr agus Eirinn mu Thuath (Scottish Gaelic), Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord (French), an Rywvaneth Unys a Vreten Veur hag Iwerdhon Gledh (Cornish), Spojené kráľovstvo Veľkej Británie a Severného Írska (Slovak), Suurbritannia ja Pőhja-Iiri Ühendkuningriik (Estonian), Teyrnas Unedig Prydain Fawr a Gogledd Iwerddon (Welsh), Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo Velike Britanje i Severne Irske (Serbian), Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland (Scots/Lallans), Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland (German), Zjednoczone Królestwo Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii Północnej (Polish)
United States Birleşik Devletler (Turkish), Egyesült Államok (Hungarian), Estados Unidos (EE.UU.) (Portuguese, Spanish), Estats Units (Catalan), États-Unis (French), Inoménes Politíes - Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες (Greek), Spojené štáty (Slovak), Sjedinjene Države (Serbian), na Stáit Aontaithe (Irish), Stany Zjednoczone (Polish), Stati Uniti (Italian), Vereinigte Staaten (German), Verenigde Staten (Dutch), Yhdysvallat (Finnish)
United States of America Amerika Birleşik Devletleri (Turkish), Amerikai Egyesült Államok (Hungarian), Amerikan Yhdysvallat (Finnish), Amerikas forenede stater (Danish), Amerikas förenta stater (Swedish), Civitates Americae Unitae (Latin), Estados Unidos da América (Portuguese), Estados Unidos de América (Spanish), Estats Units d'Amčrica del Nord (Catalan), États-Unis d'Amérique (French), Inoménes Politíes tis Amerikís (IPA) - Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες της Αμερικής (ΗΠΑ) (Greek), Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës (ShBA) (Albanian), Sjedinjene Američke Države (SAD) (Serbian), Spojené štáty americké (USA) (Slovak), Stáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá (Irish), Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki (Polish), Stati Uniti d'America (Italian), Unol Daleithiau America (Welsh), Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (German), Verenigde Staten van Amerika (Dutch)
Uzbekistan Oezbekistan (Dutch), Ouzbékistan (French), Özbekistan (Turkish), Usbecia (Latin), Usbekistan (Danish, Estonian, German, Norwegian), Uzbekija (Lithuanian), Uzbekio (Esperanto), Uzbekistan (Albanian, Croatian, Danish variant, Finnish, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish), Uzbekiston (Uzbek), Üzbegisztán (Hungarian), Wsbecistan (Welsh),


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Vatican State Civitas Vaticana or Vaticanum (Latin), Dinas y Fatican or Fatican (Welsh), Póli tu Vatikanú - Πόλη του Βατικανού (Greek), Stát Chathair na Vatacáine (Irish), Vaticaanstad (Dutch), Vatican (French), Vaticano (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Vatikaanivaltio (Finnish), Vatikan (Estonian, Serbian, Turkish), Vatikán (Hungarian, Slovak), Vatikanoa (Basque), Vatikano Miestas (Lithuanian), Vatikanstadt (German), Vatikanstaten (Danish, Swedish), Watykan (Polish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Wales an Bhreatain Bheag (Irish), Cambria (Latin), Cymru (Welsh), Gales (Spanish), Galler (Turkish), Galles (Italian), País de Gales (Portuguese), País de Gaŀles (Catalan), Pays de Galles (French), Ţara Galilor (Romanian), Ualía - Ουαλία (Greek), Vels (Serbian), Velsas (Lithuanian), Wales (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, German, Slovak, Swedish), Walia (Polish)


English Name '''Other name(s) or older name(s)
Zambia Sambia (Estonian, German, Finnish, Welsh), Zambia (Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish), Zâmbia (Portuguese), Zambie (French), Zambija (Croatian, Serbian), Zambio (Esperanto)
Zimbabwe Simbabwe (German, Welsh), Zimbabve (Croatan, Lithuanian, Slovene, Serbian, Turkish), Zimbabvia (Latin), Zimbabwe (Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish)

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