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List of countries involved in World War II
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List of countries involved in World War II

Formal Participants in World War II

Axis Powers (signers of the Tripartite Treaty)

Co-signatories of the Tripartite Treaty Countries that were annexed by, or at war with, Axis Powers before World War II Allied Powers Countries that were attacked, occupied, or switched sides during the war
(Most countries below had declared their neutrality before being assaulted. Note that countries already listed above are not listed here) Supporters of the Allies Countries that remained nominally neutral Notes:
  1. Slovakia proclaimed independence of Czechoslovakia on March 14th, 1939. Nazi German influence and Wehrmacht presence was considerable until the German occupation in September 1944. The rest of Czechoslovakia, the provinces Bohemia and Moravia, were occupied by Germany March 15th 1939, and proclaimed German protectorates. Czech nationals fought extensively on the Allied side.
  2. Egypt was technically neutral, but Cairo soon became a major military base for the British forces. This was because of a 1936 treaty which gave Britain the right to station troops on Egyptian soil in order to protect the Suez Canal.
  3. Yugoslavia began the war as a neutral but Yugoslavia's Regent signed the Tripartite Treaty on March 25th, 1941, and met an anti-Nazi coup d'état when he returned on March 27th. This led to German occupation from April 6th 1941.
  4. France surrendered to Germany on June 22nd 1940, and the Vichy government was installed, which cooperated with the Germans. However, substantial French forces escaped the German advance or switched sides and continued to fight on the Allied side as Free French.
  5. French colonies initially fought alongside their parent country. When France surrendered most recognized the Vichy government.