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List of consonants
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List of consonants

List of consonants

Table of contents
1 Ordered by place of articulation
2 Ordered by manner of articulation
3 See also

Ordered by place of articulation

Bilabial consonants

Labiodental consonants

Dental consonants

Alveolar consonants

Postalveolar consonants

Retroflex consonants

Labial-palatal consonants

Alveolo-palatal consonants

Palatal consonants

Labial-velar consonants

Velar consonants

Uvular consonants

Pharyngeal consonants

Epiglottal consonants

Glottal consonants

Ordered by manner of articulation

Plosive consonants

Voiced implosive consonants

Ejective consonants

Nasal consonants

Trill consonants

Tap or Flap consonants

Fricative consonants

Approximant consonants

Click consonants

See also