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List of conflicts in the Maghreb
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List of conflicts in the Maghreb

Table of contents
1 Libya-Sudan conflict
2 Libya-Chad conflict
3 Libya-Egypt conflict
4 Morocco-Algeria conflict
5 Morocco and Mauritania invasion of Western Sahara
6 Morocco-Spain conflict

Libya-Sudan conflict

Relations between Libya and Sudan began to deteriorate after 1972. Sudan charged that Libya was involved in a terrorist plot against its government in 1976. This led to a severance of relations between the groups. Relations were finally resumed by 1978.

Libya-Chad conflict

In 1973 Libya effectively went to war against Chad and annexed Chadian land. Libya launched a full scale invasion of Chad in 1980.

Libya-Egypt conflict

From 1973 onward, Libya was openly hostile to Egypt, and supported assassination attempts and anti-Egyptian government plots inside Egypt. Libya moved to near open warfare by 1977.

Morocco-Algeria conflict

Morocco briefly invaded Algeria in 1963 in an attempt to take over territories that had owed a nominal allegiance to the Moroccan Sultan before the French invaded. This three-month war did not change the status quo ante, but left some bad feelings between the two countries, which were later expressed in Algerian support for the Polisario.

Morocco and Mauritania invasion of Western Sahara

Western Sahara, formerly a Spanish colonial state, was partitioned and annexed by Morocco and Mauritania against the will of some of its inhabitants; Mauritania was effectively defeated by the Polisario rebel group, and withdrew its claims, upon which Morocco claimed the whole country. Algeria then aided the Polisario against Morocco. Polisario declared an independent Saharan republic in 1975, but most of the area remains in Morocco's hands.

Morocco-Spain conflict

Morocco claims the Spanish-controlled enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, as well as Perejil Island (Layla Island). In 2002, the Moroccan army briefly occupied the uninhabited Perejil Island, and left without fighting shortly afterwards when Spain sent in soldiers.