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List of computer and video games by genre
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List of computer and video games by genre

This article gives a list of computer games and video games by category, i.e. arranged alphabetically by genre. Some categories/genres are briefly defined at the beginning of their respective sections. For an alphabetical list of games sorted by title, see list of computer and video games by name.

Table of contents
1 Action-Adventure
2 Adventure
3 Educational
4 Beat 'em up/Fighting
5 First-person shooters
6 Online games
7 Maze games
8 Platformers
9 Puzzle
10 Racing games
11 Rhythm games
12 Role-Playing Games
13 Shooters
14 Shoot 'em ups
15 Simulation
16 Space simulation
17 Sports
18 Stealth Action
19 Strategy
20 Survival Horror
21 Third Person Shooters/Third Person Action
22 Notable People
23 Collectible Card Game
24 Traditional


Action-adventure games are those where action is the predominant aspect of gameplay, but puzzle-solving and the exploration of, and interaction with, the environment are also key to gameplay; as opposed to "pure" adventure games, where action sequences are the exception rather than the rule. With technological limitations on gameplay becoming less of an issue to game designers, more action games are overlapping into this category. (see also survival horror.)


(see also action-adventure and puzzle games)


Beat 'em up/Fighting

First-person shooters

Game-controlled environment

This category includes games where the player's
point of view does not change, and those where the player's movements are (usually) entirely predetermined by the game design ("rail shooters")

Player-controlled environment

Online games

Games played over the Internet with other human players in a shared environment. The gameplay is coordinated by a game server. While many games can be played in a computer network. Online games are characterized by the game environment being persistent and shared amongst a significant number of players. The genre developed since 1995 when the internet became popular. Not all games types lend themselves easily to online gaming. The most typical ones are.

Role-Playing Games



Real-time strategy

Maze games


Platformers, also called side-scrollers, view the game area from a side or "cutaway" perspective. In these games, the background or playing area smoothly scrolls as the player moves about, hence the name. These games are traditionally 2D, but some have employed 3D computer graphics effectively. Traditional elements of these games include running, jumping and some fighting. Side-scrollers were some of the first types of video games and are still popular today, usually with younger players.


Many games in the adventure and maze genres could arguably fit into this category as well. See list of puzzle-based computer and video games for a listing of puzzle games by type.

Racing games

Simulation style

Arcade style

Rhythm games

Role-Playing Games




Shoot 'em ups


Some do not consider
simulations to be games at all, but rather "digital toys" or "software toys". Indeed, this is how Will Wright, the designer of the most popular video game of all time, The Sims, describes his games. These games aim to similate a specific activity (such as flying an airplane) as realistically as practically possible, taking into account physics and other real-world limitations. Some require a great deal of reading before the game can even be attempted, while others include a simple tutorial. Some of these types of games, such as flight simulators, have a limited following, while others, such as The Sims have an enormous following, including those who don't consider themselves "gamers."

Space simulation

Space simulations tend to be much like flight simulations but generally have to take many liberties to adapt the "true" physics of spaceflight to be more player-friendly.


Stealth Action


General Strategy


Real-time strategy

Survival Horror

Survival Horror games focus on fear and attempt to scare the player via traditional horror elements such as atmospherics, death, the undead, blood and gore. Most of these games include third- or first-person shooter elements.

Third Person Shooters/Third Person Action

Third Person Shooters (TPS) employ a specific perspective for the player. This is normally just behind and above the game character, but it is sometimes an
isometric perspective.

Notable People

See list of computer and video game industry people.

Collectible Card Game


Most popular board games, card games, and the like have been computerized to some degree or another. For example, more than 600 freeware board games are available written in Zillions. Computer game programs can be worthy opponents and can help you improve your skill at traditional games.