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List of common species names
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List of common species names

Here are some species names that are given to many species.

arvensisfieldConvolvulus arvensis, Alauda arvensis
domesticushouseMusca domestica, Felis domesticus
hortensisgarden-varietyHydrangea hortensis, Satureja hortensis
luteayellowNuphar lutea
officinalislit. "for the workshop", medicinalTaraxacum officinale
palustrismarsh, swampCrocodylus palustris, Pinus palustris
pratensisprairie, meadowAnthus pratensis, Trifolium pratense
sativusfilling, used as foodAllium sativum, Pisum sativum, Cannabis sativa
tinctoriuscolorful, used for dyeingIsatis tinctoria, Dendrobates tinctorius

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