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List of common misspellings in English
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List of common misspellings in English

This is a list of common misspellings in the English language.


abberration aberration accomodation accommodation acheive achieve adress address alterior ulterior athiest atheist autum autumn befor before beleive believe Britian Britain Caucasion Caucasian cemetary cemetery committment commitment (but committed, committing, committee) concensus consensus concieve conceive Dalmation Dalmatian decaffinated decaffeinated decathalon decathlon definately definitely desireable desirable diety deity (error promulgated by an early Unix spell-checker) diptheria diphtheria dispell dispel ecx., exc. etc. (for et cetera) embarass embarrass enviroment environment expresso espresso extremly extremely fašade facade (without the cedilla it rhymes with "arcade") facist fascist Febuary February flourescent fluorescent flouride fluoride fourty forty freind friend geneology genealogy geuss guess goverment government grammer grammar hampster hamster harrass harass heros heroes hieght, heigth height hunderd hundred hygeine hygiene hypocracy hypocrisy independance independence innoculate inoculate intresting interesting libary library mabey maybe masterbate masturbate millenium millennium miniscule minuscule mischievious mischievous mispell misspell missle missile mit mitt (except for MIT, or Massachusetts Institute of Technology) monkies monkeys (except for the 1960s rock group, who are The Monkees) neice niece nickle nickel nineth ninth ninty ninety noticable noticeable occured occurred occurence occurrence oppurtunity opportunity opthamologist ophthalmologist paralell parallel pasttime pastime peice piece percieve perceive perserverance perseverance persue pursue posession possession pertend pretend Pharoah Pharaoh (except for Pharoah Sanders) Pokeman PokÚmon potatoe potato preceeding preceding pronounciation pronunciation publically publicly (the one exception to the -ically rule) rasberry raspberry recieve receive reccomend recommend reguardless regardless rythm rhythm (but eurythmics) seige siege seperate separate sherbert sherbet sieze seize similiar similar sincerly sincerely speach speech stagitory statutory suggestable suggestible supercede supersede suprise surprise thier their tommorrow tomorrow tounge tongue triathalon triathlon ukelele ukulele vaccuum vacuum vegeterian vegetarian villian villain Wendesday Wednesday wierd weird writting writing

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