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List of Committees of the United Kingdom Parliament
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List of Committees of the United Kingdom Parliament

The British parliament (that is, the Houses of Commons and Lords) has a number of Committees – small numbers of members appointed to deal with particular areas or issues; most are made up of members of the Commons.

Select Committees

The Commons has Select committees responsible for overseeing the work departments and agencies, whilst the Lords has them for general issues, such as the constitution or the economy. Both Houses have Select Committees for reviewing drafts of European directives (enacted as Statutory Instruments under the European Communities Act 1972). The Commons has Standing Committees that are tasked with the detailed analysis of individual Bills. Joint committees are sometimes formed, from members of both the Commons and Lords.

Some of the current committees are listed below (these lists are incomplete):




Domestic Committees

The Domestic Committees are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Palace of Westminster, including the running of the bars and supervision of security measures.

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