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List of combinatorics topics
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List of combinatorics topics

This is a list of combinatorics topics, by Wikipedia page.

A few decades ago it might have been said that combinatorics is to mathematics roughly what irritable bowel syndrome is to gastroenterology - a way to classify poorly-understood problems, and some standard remedies. Great progress has been made since 1960.

This page is complementary to the list of graph theory topics: graph theory being the part of combinatorial mathematics that is most like a separate discipline. In general, combinatorics is as much about problem solving as theory building.

Since combinatorial mathematics is effectively the environment for the study of data structures in computer science, there are very many topics that arise there. The same could be said for other fields, such as error-correcting codes, bioinformatics.

Table of contents
1 General combinatorial principles and methods
2 Problem solving as an art
3 Some general theories
4 Living with large numbers
5 Topics
6 Data structure concepts
7 People
8 Publications
9 See also

General combinatorial principles and methods

To begin with, some general principles:

Problem solving as an art

Some general theories

Living with large numbers


Data structure concepts



See also