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List of collective nouns for people
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List of collective nouns for people

This is a list of collective nouns for people.

academics A faculty of academics
actors A cast of actors
actors A company of actors
beauties A bevy of beauties
employees A staff of employees
experts A panel of experts
mourners A cortege of mourners
hoodlums A gang of hoodlums
horsemen A cavalcade of horsemen
knights A banner of knights
knights A rout of knights
men A band of men
nativess A tribe of natives
performers A troupe of performers
sailors A crew of sailors
soldiers A brigade of soldiers
soldiers A company of soldiers
soldiers A division of soldiers
soldiers A platoon of soldiers
soldiers A squad of soldiers
students A class of students
thieves A den of thieves
witches A coven of witches
worshipers A congregation of worshipers


The phrase "An abomination of monks" is frequently cited as a legitimate collective noun for monks. It is actually a misinterpretation of the title of a protestant treatise written by Jan Hus around 1400.

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