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List of collective nouns for fish, invertebrates, and plants
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List of collective nouns for fish, invertebrates, and plants

Also see Collective noun

The checkmarks, √, below signify a widespread usage in both North American English and British English.

ants A colony of ants
ants A swarm of ants
ants An army of ants
bacteria A culture of bacteria
beans A hill of beans
bees A grist of bees
bees A hive of bees
bees A swarm of bees
blackfish A grind of blackfish Uncertain
butterflies A kaleidoscope of butterflies Uncertain
butterflies A rabble of butterflies Uncertain
butterflies A rainbow of butterflies
caterpillars An army of caterpillars
clams A bed of clams
cockroaches An intrusion of cockroaches Uncertain
cod A lap of cod Uncertain
eels A fry of eels Uncertain
eels A swarm of eels
figs A newton of figs Spurious
fish A draught of fish
fish A drift of fish
fish A scale of fish
fish A school of fish
fish A shoal of fish
flowers A bouquet of flowers
flowers A patch of flowers
flies A business of flies
flies A swarm of flies
gnats A cloud of gnats
gnats A clout of gnats Uncertain
gnats A horde of gnats
grapes A bunch of grapes
grasshoppers A cloud of grasshoppers
grasshoppers A cluster of grasshoppers
herrings A glean of herrings
jellyfish A fluther of jellyfish
jellyfish A smack of jellyfish
locusts A plague of locusts
midges A bite of midges Uncertain
mites A mite of mites Uncertain
mosquitoes A scourge of mosquitoes
oysters A bed of oysters
salmon A bind of salmon
salmon A run of salmon
shrimp A troup of shrimp
snails A rout of snails
spiders A cluster of spiders
spiders A clutter of spiders
trees A grove of trees
trees A copse of trees
trees A stand of trees
trees A thicket of trees
trout A hover of trout
worms A clew of worms Uncertain