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List of collective nouns by subject I-Z
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List of collective nouns by subject I-Z

Collective noun
List of collective nouns
List of collective nouns by subject

idiots A thicket of idiots Spurious
impediments A vagary of impediments Uncertain
infantry A creche of infantry Spurious
information A wealth of information
islands A chain of islands
islands An archipelago of islands
jays A party of jays
jays A scold of jays Uncertain
jays A band of jays
jellyfish A fluther of jellyfish
jellyfish A smack of jellyfish
jewels A cache of jewels
jugglers A neverthriving of jugglers
kangaroos A court of kangaroos (see note) Spurious
kangaroos A mob of kangaroos
kangaroos A troop of kangaroos
keys A ring of keys
knights A rout of knights
knights A banner of knights
ladies A bevy of ladies
lambs A rack of lambs Spurious
lapwings A desert of lapwings
lapwings A deceit of lapwings
larks An ascension of larks
larks An exaltation of larks
lawyers A huddle of lawyers Uncertain
leopards A leap of leopards
lepers A colony of lepers
librarians A catalogue of librarians Spurious
lions A pride of lions
lions A sowse of lions
lions A sault of lions
lizards A lounge of lizards Spurious
locusts A plague of locusts
lorries A convoy of lorries
magpies A tiding(s) of magpies
mallards A sord of mallards
mallards A lute of mallards Uncertain
men A band of (merry) men
maps An atlas of maps
martens A richness of martens
mathematicians A number of mathematicians
mathematicians A set of mathematicians
matrons A riches of matrons Uncertain
mechanics A clutch of mechanics Spurious
meteorologists A shower of meteorologists Spurious
midges A bite of midges Uncertain
misers A horde of misers Spurious
mites A mite of mites Uncertain
moles A labour of moles
moles A company of moles
moles A movement of moles
money A wad of money
riches An embarrassment of riches Uncertain
winnings A purse of winnings
monitors A bank of monitors
monks An abomination of monks (see note) Uncertain
monkeys A tribe of monkeys
monkeys A mission of monkeys
mosquitoes A scourge of mosquitoes
mountains A range of mountains
mice A nest of mice
mice A mischief of mice
mudhen A fleet of mudhen Uncertain
mules A barren of mules
mules A Rake of mules
natives A tribe of natives
nightingales A watch of nightingales
nouns A collective of nouns
nudists A hangout of nudists Spurious
nuns A superfluity of nuns
objects A collection of objects
onlookers A crowd of onlookers
orthodontists A brace of orthodontists Spurious
owls A parliament of owls
owls A stare of owls
oxen A team of oxen
oxen A yoke of oxen
oxen A span of oxen
oysters A bed of oysters
young oysters A set of young oysters
painters An illusion of painters Uncertain
paper A ream of paper (see note) Spurious
parrots A pandemonium of parrots Uncertain
parrots A company of parrots
partridges A covey of partridges
partridges A bew of partridges Uncertain
pathologists A body of pathologists Spurious
peacocks A pride of peacocks
peacocks A muster of peacocks
peacocks An ostentation of peacocks
pekinese A pomp of pekinese
penguins A parcel of penguins Uncertain
penguins A rookery of penguins Spurious
penguins A creche of penguins
penguins A huddle of penguins
penguins A colony of penguins
performers A troupe of performers
pheasants A covey of pheasants
pheasants A nye of pheasants
pheasants A bouquet of pheasants
philosophers A ponder of philosophers
physicists A nucleus of physicists Spurious
physicians A college of physicians Spurious
theoretical physicists A field of theoretical physicists Spurious
hogs A parcel of hogs
hogs A drift of hogs Uncertain
hogs A passel of hogs
piglets A farrow of piglets
piglets A litter of piglets
pigs A drove of pigs
pigs A herd of pigs
pigs A sounder of pigs
pigeons A kit of pigeons Uncertain
pigeons A loft of pigeons
pistols A brace of pistols
plovers A congregation of plovers
polar bears An aurora of polar bears Uncertain
polecats A chine of polecats
politicians An equivocation of politicians
porpoises A turmoil of porpoises Uncertain
possum A passel of possum Uncertain
potage A mess of potage Uncertain
preachers A converting of preachers
preachers A pontification of preachers
prelates A pontifica of prelates Uncertain
princes A state of princes Uncertain
prose An anthology of prose
harlots A heard of harlots Uncertain
prostitutes An anthology of prostitutes (see note) Uncertain
psychoanalysts A complex of psychoanalysts Spurious
quail A covey of quail
quail A bevy of quail
conies A bury of conies
kittens (rabbits) A wrack of kittens (rabbits)
rabbits A colony of rabbits
rabbits A bury of rabbits
rabbits A nest of rabbits
raccoons A gaze of raccoons
rats A pack of rats
rats A colony of rats
rats A swarm of rats
rats A rabble of rats
ravens An unkindness of ravens
ravens A conspiracy of ravens
rebuttals A quiver of rebuttals
Republicans An oligarchy of Republicans
rhinoceroses A crash of rhinoceroses
rooks A building of rooks
rooks A clamour of rooks
ruffs A hill of ruffs
salmon A run of salmon
salmon A bind of salmon
sandpipers A fling of sandpipers
satellites A constellation of satellites Uncertain
Scots A disworship of Scots
Scots A fifth of Scots
sea fowl A cloud of sea fowl
seagulls A flock of seagulls
seals A spring of seals
seals A pod of seals
seals A plum of seals Uncertain
senators A house of senators
senators A pomposity of senators
servants An obesiance of servants Uncertain
lambs A fall of lambs
sheep A flock of sheep
sheep A trip of sheep
sheldrakes A doading of sheldrakes
sailors A crew of sailors
ships A flotilla of ships
ships A fleet of ships
ships An armada of ships
snails A rout of snails
snakes A den of snakes
snakes A bed of snakes
snakes A pit of snakes
snakes A nest of snakes
snakes A slither of snakes
snipe A walk of snipe
snipe A wisp of snipe
soldiers A company of soldiers
soldiers A brigade of soldiers
soldiers A squad of soldiers
soldiers A platoon of soldiers
soldiers A division of soldiers
sparrows A ubiquity of sparrows
sparrows A quarrel of sparrows
sparrows A host of sparrows
spiders A clutter of spiders
spiders A cluster of spiders
squirrels A dray of squirrels
stairs A flight of stairs
stars A galaxy of stars
starlings A murmuration of starlings
sticks A fagot of sticks
storks A muster of storks
storks A phalanx of storks Uncertain
students A class of students
swallows A flight of swallows
swallows A gulp of swallows Spurious
swans (flying) A wedge of swans (flying)
swans A whiteness of swans Uncertain
swans A bevy of swans
swans A bank of swans
swans An eyrar of swans Uncertain
swine A sounder of swine
swine A drift of swine
submarines A pack of submarines
A disguising of tailors Uncertain
tasks An agenda of tasks
teal A spring of teal
teal A diving of teal
tennis games A set of tennis games
tests A battery of tests
thieves A den of thieves
thieves A Congress of thieves (see also whore)
things A bunch of things
thrushes A mutation of thrushes
tigers A streak of tigers
tigers An ambush of tigers
toads A knot of toads
tourists A flock of tourists
trash A heap of trash
trees A grove of trees
trees A thicket of trees
trees A stand of trees
troops A parel of troops
trout A hover of trout
trucks A convoy of trucks
turkeys A rafter of turkeys
turkeys A raffle of turkeys
turtles A turn of turtles
turtles A dule of turtles
turtles A bale of turtles
turtledoves A pitying of turtledoves
unicorns A blessing of unicorns
vicaries (vicars) A prudence of vicaries (vicars)
vipers A nest of vipers
wagers A book of wagers
walruses A herd of walruses
walruses An ugly of walruses
waterfowl A plump of waterfowl
waterfowl A knob of waterfowl Uncertain
weasels A sneak of weasels
whales A school of whales
whales A herd of whales
whales A pod of whales
whales A gam of whales
whores A Parliament of whores (also Congress) Spurious
widgeon A coil of widgeon
wikipedians A page of wikipedians
Not in general use
witches A coven of witches
wolves A pack of wolves
wolves A rout of wolves
women A gaggle of women Uncertain
woodpeckers A descent of woodpeckers
worms A clew of worms Uncertain
worshipers A congregation of worshipers
yeomen A fellowship of yeomen
zebra A zeal of zebra
zebra A herd of zebra