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List of collective nouns by subject A-H
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List of collective nouns by subject A-H

Collective noun
List of collective nouns
List of collective nouns by subject

aardvarks An aarmory of aardvarks Uncertain
academics A faculty of academics
actors A company of actors
actors A cast of actors
aircraft A wing of aircraft
angels A chorus of angels
angels A host of angels
ants An army of ants
ants A swarm of ants
ants A colony of ants
antelope A herd of antelope
apes A shrewdness of apes
apes A troop of apes
arrows A quiver of arrows
arsonists A conflagration of arsonists
asseses A pace of asses
asteroids A belt of asteroids
athletes A team of athletes
auks A raft of auks Uncertain
baboons A flange of baboons
baboons A congress of baboons
bacteria A culture of bacteria
badgerss A cete of badgers
pipers A poverty of pipers
barons A thought of barons
bastards A shower of bastards
bats A colony of bats
beans A hill of beans
bears A sloth of bears
beauties A bevy of beauties
beavers A colony of beavers
beavers A lodge of beavers
bees A grist of bees
bees A hive of bees
bees A swarm of bees
bills A wad of bills
birds A dissimulation of birds
birds A volery of birds
bitterns A sedge of bitterns
bitterns A siege of bitterns
blackfish A grind of blackfish Uncertain
boars A singular of boars
boars A sounder of boars
bomblets A cluster of bomblets
books A library of books
bookkeepers An audit of bookkeepers Uncertain
boys A rascal of boys Uncertain
bread A batch of bread
brush (wood) A bavin of brush (wood)
buffalo An obstinacy of buffalo
buffalo A herd of buffalo
bullfinches A bellowing of bullfinches
bureaucrats A shuffle of bureaucrats Uncertain
bureaucrats A prevarication of bureaucrats Spurious
butterflies A rabble of butterflies Uncertain
butterflies A rainbow of butterflies
butterflies A kaleidoscope of butterflies Uncertain
buzzards A wake of buzzards
camels A caravan of camels
Canadians A mosaic of Canadians Spurious
Candidates A slate of candidates
capons A mews of capons
cards A deck of cards
caribou A herd of caribou
cardiologists A flutter of cardiologists Spurious
cats (feral or wild) A destruction of cats (feral or wild)
cats A clowder of cats
cats A clutter of cats
cats A glaring of cats
cats A pounce of cats
cats A cluster of cats
kittens (cats) A kindle of kittens (cats)
kittens (cats) A litter of kittens (cats)
caterpillars An army of caterpillars
cattle A kine of cattle
cattle A herd of cattle
starlets A galaxy of starlets
chamois A herd of chamois
chickens A peep of chickens
chicks A clutch of chicks
eggs A clutch of eggs
hens A brood of hens
poultry A run of poultry
chinchillas A colony of chinchillas
choughs A clattering of choughs
choughs A chattering of choughs
circuits A bank of circuits
clams A bed of clams
cobblers A drunken ship of cobblers
cockroaches An intrusion of cockroaches Uncertain
cod A lap of cod Uncertain
coins A roll of coins
coins A rouleau of coins
computers A cluster of computers
computers A network of computers
coots A cover of coots
coots A raft of coots
cormorants A flight of cormorants
courtesans A harem of courtesans Spurious
courtiers A threatening of courtiers
cattle A drove of cattle
cows A herd of cows
cows A flink of cows
coyotes A pack of coyotes
cranes A sedge of cranes
crocodiles A bask of crocodiles
crows A storytelling of crows
crows A hover of crows
crows A murder of crows
curs A cowardice of curs
curlews A head of curlews
deer A leash of deer
deer A herd of deer
deer A parcel of deer
roes A bevy of roes
doctors A doctrine of doctors Uncertain
hounds A cry of hounds
puppies A litter of puppies
show dogs A bench of show dogs Uncertain
dollars A fistful of dollars Spurious
dolphins A pod of dolphins
dotterel A trip of dotterel
doves A piteousness of doves
doves A flight of doves
doves A dule of doves
doves A pitying of doves
doves A prettying of doves
doves A dole of doves
drummers A fagot of drummers (see sticks)
ducks (diving) A dopping of ducks (diving)
ducks (flying) A plump of ducks (flying)
ducks (on water) A paddling of ducks (on water)
ducks A team of ducks
ducks A flush of ducks
ducks A raft of ducks
dunlin A fling of dunlin
eagles A convocation of eagles
eels A swarm of eels
eels A fry of eels Uncertain
elephants A herd of elephants
elephants A parade of elephants
elk A gang of elk
employees A staff of employees
experts A panel of experts
fairies A herd of fairies
falcons A cast of falcons
ferrets A fesnying of ferrets
ferrets A business of ferrets
finches A trembing of finches
finches A charm of finches
finches A trimming of finches
fish A draught of fish
fish A shoal of fish
fish A scale of fish
fish A drift of fish
fish A school of fish
flamingoes A stand of flamingoes
flowers A patch of flowers
flowers A bouquet of flowers
flowers A garden of flowers Spurious
flies A business of flies
flies A swarm of flies
foxes A skulk of foxes
foxes A leash of foxes
friars A scull of friars
frogs An army of frogs
mourners A cortege of mourners
gays A village of gays
giraffes A corps of giraffe
giraffes A tower of giraffes Uncertain
girls A giggle of girls
gnats A cloud of gnats
gnats A clout of gnats Uncertain
gnats A horde of gnats
goats A trip of goats
goats A tribe of goats
godss A pantheon of gods
goldfinches A drum of goldfinches
goldfinches A troubling of goldfinches
geese (flying) A wedge of geese (flying)
geese A gaggle of geese
geese A skein of geese
geese A flock of geese
geese A nide of geese
gorillas A band of gorillas
gorillas A woop of gorillas
goshawks A flight of goshawks
grapes A bunch of (sour) grapes
grasshoppers A cloud of grasshoppers
grasshoppers A cluster of grasshoppers
grouse A lek of grouse Uncertain
grouse A covey of grouse
grouse A pack of grouse
guillemots A bazaar of guillemots
gulls A colony of gulls
gulls A screech of gulls
hackers A cruft of hackers
hammers A morning of hammers
hares A down of hares
hares A leap of hares
hares A husk of hares
hares A trip of hares
hares A trace of hares
harpers A melody of harpers
hawks A kettle of hawks
hawks A cast of hawks
hedgehogs A prickle of hedgehogs
herons A siege of herons
herrings A glean of herrings
hippopotami A bloat of hippopotami Uncertain
hippopotami A crash of hippopotami
homework A slew of homework
hoodlums A gang of hoodlums
colts A rag of colts
colts A rake of colts
horsemen A cavalcade of horsemen
horses A harass of horses
horses A stable of horses
horses A team of horses
mares A stud of mares
ponies A string of ponies
racehorses A field of racehorses
hounds A pack of hounds
hounds A mute of hounds
hounds A cry of hounds
hummingbirds A charm of hummingbirds
husbands A multiply of husbands
hyenas A clan of hyenas