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List of classical music composers
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List of classical music composers

This is an alphabetical list of classical music composers sorted by eras.

See: list of composers for composers of other genres of music.

See also: Classical music.

Table of contents
1 Medieval era
2 Renaissance era
3 Baroque era
4 Classical era
5 Romantic era
6 20th century classical music

Medieval era

Up to around 1400. See also Medieval music.

Renaissance era

From about 1400 to 1600. See also
Renaissance music.

Baroque era

From about 1600 to 1760. See also
Baroque music.

Classical era

From about 1730 to 1820. See also
Classical music era.

Romantic era

From about 1815 to 1910. See also
Romantic music.

20th century classical music

list of 20th century classical composers, 20th century classical music, list of 21st century classical composers.