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List of city nicknames
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List of city nicknames

This list of city nicknames compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities are sometimes known by, officially and unofficially, to locals, outsiders or their tourism boards.

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2 Complete List
2.7 Cities in Argentina
2.8 Cities in Australia
2.9 Cities in Brazil
2.10 Cities in Canada
2.11 Cities in China
2.12 Cities in Colombia
2.13 Cities in the Czech Republic
2.14 Cities in Egypt
2.15 Cities in Finland
2.16 Cities in France
2.17 Cities in Germany
2.18 Cities in Guatemala
2.19 Cities in Hungary
2.20 Cities in India
2.21 Cities in Ireland
2.22 Cities in Israel
2.23 Cities in Italy
2.24 Cities in Japan
2.25 Cities in Lebanon
2.26 Cities in Malaysia
2.27 Cities in Mexico
2.28 Cities in the Netherlands
2.29 Cities in New Zealand
2.30 Cities in Peru
2.31 Cities in the Philippines
2.32 Cities in Poland
2.33 Cities in Portugal
2.34 Cities in Puerto Rico
2.35 Cities in Romania
2.36 Cities in Russia
2.37 Cities in Serbia
2.38 Cities in Spain
2.39 Cities in Sweden
2.40 Cities in Switzerland
2.41 Cities in Thailand
2.42 Cities in the United Kingdom
2.43 Cities in the United States
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There are some common types of city nicknames.

Agricultural or Industrial Capitals

Many cities have nicknames which claim that the international or, less commonly, the national or regional capital of a particular industry, hobby or other phenomenon, especially the agricultural production of a certain plant. These include:

Self-proclaimed Capitals of the World

cities and towns (particularly in North America) claim to be a "Capital of the World" of a certain subject or other item. These nicknames are usually based on the city's cultural heritage or history. Here is an incomplete list of those cities.


Some cities take nicknames based on an industry, invention or other phenomenon which allegedly arose there. These include:

Comparative Nicknames

Some cities have nicknames which refer to other cities with established reputations. For example, a city might bill itself as the "Athens of the North" to establish a link with the major cultural contributions of
Athens, Greece.

'Venice of the...'

Many places have been described as the Venice of the North, Venice of the South, Venice of the East or Venice of the West, after
Venice in Italy:






Hong Kong

Middle East

Also, the country name of Venezuela means "little Venice".

There is Venice, California in Los Angeles, which is modeled on Venice, Italy, and includes a canal district. There is also Venise-en-Québec, Quebec.

Folk Heroes

The American folk hero Paul Bunyan, and his blue ox Babe, have at least three towns vying for being considered his homeland. These include Bemidji, Minnesota, Brainerd, Minnesota and Westwood, California.

Complete List

Cities in Argentina

Cities in Australia

Cities in Brazil

Cities in Canada

Cities in China

Cities in Colombia

Cities in the Czech Republic

Cities in Egypt

Cities in Finland

Cities in France

Cities in Germany

Cities in Guatemala

Cities in Hungary

Cities in India

Cities in Ireland

Cities in Israel

Cities in Italy

Cities in Japan

Cities in Lebanon

Cities in Malaysia

Cities in Mexico

Cities in the Netherlands

Cities in New Zealand

Cities in Peru

Cities in the Philippines

Cities in Poland

Note: in Polish it's mostly the inhabitants who are nick-named rather than the cities

Cities in Portugal

Cities in Puerto Rico

(note: almost every city in Puerto Rico has a nickname)

Cities in Romania

Cities in Russia

Cities in Serbia

Cities in Spain

Cities in Sweden

Cities in Switzerland

Cities in Thailand

Cities in the United Kingdom

Cities in the United States

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