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List of churches and cathedrals of London
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List of churches and cathedrals of London

London has many famous churches and cathedrals, in a density unmatched anywhere else in England. Before the Great Fire of London in 1666, the City of London alone had over 107 churches in an area of only one square mile. Of the 86 destroyed by the Fire, 51 were rebuilt along with St Paul's Cathedral. The majority were the work of Sir Christopher Wren, whose designs have provided a benchmark for church architecture ever since. Although many were subsequently lost entirely or in part to 19th century demolitions and bombing in the Second World War, London's churches are still renowned worldwide for their historical and architectural value.

Today, London's greatest concentrations of historic churches and cathedrals are in the City of London and the neighbouring City of Westminster.

A number of the churches are mentioned in the nursery rhyme, Oranges and Lemons.

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1 City of London
2 Greenwich
3 Rotherhithe
4 Southwark
5 Westminster

City of London