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List of choral works
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List of choral works

This page is a list of musical works written for choir, sorted by composer's surname.

Table of contents
1 J.S. Bach
2 Ludwig van Beethoven
3 Hector Berlioz
4 Johannes Brahms
5 Gabriel Fauré
6 Iain Grandage
7 George Frideric Handel
8 Joseph Haydn
9 Sarah Hopkins
10 Morten Lauridsen
11 Stephen Leek
12 György Ligeti
13 Graeme Morton
14 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
15 Carl Orff
16 John Rutter
17 Franz Schubert
18 Robert Schumann
19 Randall Thompson

J.S. Bach

See also list of works by Johann Sebastian Bach and list of cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach

Ludwig van Beethoven

Hector Berlioz

Johannes Brahms

Gabriel Fauré

Iain Grandage

George Frideric Handel

Joseph Haydn

Sarah Hopkins

Morten Lauridsen

Stephen Leek

György Ligeti

Graeme Morton

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Carl Orff

John Rutter

Franz Schubert

Robert Schumann

Randall Thompson

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