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List of Chinese people
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List of Chinese people

Famous Chinese or Chinese-speaking/writing people.

Note In Chinese names, the family name is typically placed first (for example, the family name of "Mao Zedong" is "Mao"). For westernized names, the family name is placed last (for example, the family name of "Maggie Cheung" is "Cheung"). The following names are listed in alphabetic order, by family names.

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Table of contents
1 Rulers and politicians
2 Non-politician royalties
3 Artists and perfomers
4 Athletes
5 Educators
6 Business tycoons
7 Explorers
8 Military officers and soldiers
9 Philosophers and writers
10 Linguist
11 Religion
12 Scientists and engineers
13 Others
14 Fictional Chinese people
15 See also

Rulers and politicians

Imperial times

See also: Chinese sovereign, Table of Chinese monarchs


Communist Party of China / PRC

Nationalists (Kuomintang)

Republic of China

See also: List of leaders of the Republic of China, Premier of the Republic of China

Current Taiwanese politicians


Non-politician royalties

Artists and perfomers

Painters and calligraphers

See also: List of Chinese painters

Actors and actresses


See also: Cinema of China


See also: Cantopop


Martial Artists



Business tycoons

Taiwan: Hong Kong:


Military officers and soldiers

See also: People of note in the PLA

Philosophers and writers

See also: List of Chinese authors, List of Chinese language poets, List of Confucianists



See also: List of Taoists

Scientists and engineers


Fictional Chinese people

See also