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List of caves in the United Kingdom
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List of caves in the United Kingdom

This is a links page to caves in the United Kingdom, and information on the largest and deepest caves in the UK.

The deepest cave in the UK is Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in Wales, 308 metres deep and containing around 50 km of passageways.

The deepest cave in England is Peak Cavern in Speedwell Cavern in Derbyshire, 248 metres deep. The deepest cave in Scotland is Cnoc nan Uamh ('hill of the caves') in Assynt, 83 metres deep, and in Northern Ireland is Reyfad Pot in County Fermanagh, 179 metres deep.

The largest system of caves is the Easegill system in the Yorkshire Dales with at least 72 km of passageways.

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