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List of cathedrals in England
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List of cathedrals in England

This is a list of cathedrals in England, including both actual cathedrals (seats of bishops in episcopal denominations, such as Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Orthodoxy) and a few prominent churches from non-episcopal denominations that have the word "cathedral" in their names.

For other places, see: List of cathedrals.

Arundel Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Birmingham Cathedral (Anglican)
St Chad's Cathedral, in Birmingham (Roman Catholic)
Blackburn Cathedral (Anglican)
Bradford Cathedral (Anglican)
Brentwood Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Bristol Cathedral (Anglican)
Bury St Edmunds Cathedral (Anglican) (under construction)
Canterbury Cathedral (Anglican)
Carlisle Cathedral (Anglican)
Chelmsford Cathedral (Anglican)
Chester Cathedral (Anglican)
Chichester Cathedral (Anglican)
Christ Church, Oxford (Anglican)
Clifton Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Coventry Cathedral (Anglican)
Derby Cathedral (Anglican)
Durham Cathedral (Anglican)
Ely Cathedral (Anglican)
Exeter Cathedral (Anglican)
Gloucester Cathedral (Anglican)
Guildford Cathedral (Anglican)
Hereford Cathedral (Anglican)
Lancaster Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Leeds Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Leicester Cathedral (Anglican)
Lichfield Cathedral (Anglican)
Lincoln Cathedral (Anglican)
Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican)
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
St Paul's Cathedral, in London (Anglican)
Manchester Cathedral (Anglican)
Middlesbrough Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Newcastle Cathedral (Anglican)
St Mary's Cathedral, in Newcastle upon Tyne (Roman Catholic)
Northampton Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Norwich Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich (Roman Catholic)
Nottingham Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Peterborough Cathedral (Anglican)
Plymouth Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Portsmouth Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, in Portsmouth (Roman Catholic)
Ripon Cathedral (Anglican)
Rochester Cathedral (Anglican)
St Albans Cathedral (Anglican)
Salisbury Cathedral (Anglican)
Salford Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Sheffield Cathedral (Anglican)
Cathedral Church of St Marie, in Sheffield (Roman Catholic)
Shrewsbury Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Southwark Cathedral (Anglican)
St George's Cathedral, in Southwark (Roman Catholic)
Southwell Minster (Anglican)
Truro Cathedral (Anglican)
Wakefield Cathedral (Anglican)
Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
Wells Cathedral (Anglican)
Winchester Cathedral (Anglican)
Worcester Cathedral (Anglican)
York Minster (Anglican)