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List of cathedrals
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List of cathedrals

This is a list of cathedrals around the world, including both actual cathedrals (seats of bishops in episcopal denominations, such as Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Orthodoxy) and a few prominent churches from non-episcopal denominations that have the word "cathedral" in their names.

Table of contents
1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Belarus
4 Belgium
5 Canada
6 China
7 Czech Republic
8 Denmark
9 England
10 Finland
11 France
12 Germany
13 Indonesia
14 Ireland
15 Italy
16 The Netherlands
17 Norway
18 Poland
19 Portugal
20 Russia
21 Scotland
22 Slovakia
23 South Korea
24 Spain
25 Sweden
26 Turkey
27 Ukraine
28 United States
29 Wales
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St George's Cathedral, in Perth (Anglican)
St Mary's Cathedral, in Perth (Roman Catholic)
St Mary's Cathedral, in Sydney (Roman Catholic)


Cathedral of Saint Stephan, in Vienna (Roman Catholic)
Neuer Dom, in Linz (Roman Catholic)


Kafedralny Sobor of Minsk (Orthodox)


Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp (Roman Catholic)
Saint Salvator Cathedral in Bruges (Roman Catholic)
St. Rumbolds Cathedral in Mechelen (Roman Catholic)
Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of Saint Martin in Ypres (Roman Catholic)


See: List of cathedrals in Canada


Saint Paul's Cathedral, in Macau (Roman Catholic) - partly destroyed, no longer the mother church of the diocese

Czech Republic

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, in Brno (Roman Catholic)
St. Nicholas Cathedral, in Ceske Budejovice (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, in Hradec Kralove (Roman Catholic)
St. Stephen's Cathedral, in Litomerice (Roman Catholic)
St. Wenceslas Cathedral, in Olomouc (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral of the Divine Saviour, in Ostrava (Roman Catholic)
St. Batholomew's Cathedral, in Plzen (Roman Catholic)
St. Vitus Cathedral, in Prague (Roman Catholic)


Saint Canute's Cathedral, in Odense (Lutheran)


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Espoon tuomiokirkko, in Espoo (Lutheran)
Helsingin tuomiokirkko, in Helsinki (Lutheran)
Kuopion tuomiokirkko, in Kuopio (Lutheran)
Lapuan tuomiokirkko, in Lapua (Lutheran)
Mikkelin tuomiokirkko, in Mikkeli (Lutheran)
Oulun tuomiokirkko, in Oulu (Lutheran)
Porvoon tuomiokirkko, in Porvoo (Lutheran)
Pyhän Henrikin katedraali, in Helsinki (Roman Catholic)
Pyhän Nikolaoksen katedraali, in Kuopio (Orthodox)
Pyhän kolminaisuuden katedraali, in Oulu (Orthodox)
Savonlinnan tuomiokirkko, in Savonlinna (Lutheran)
Tampereen tuomiokirkko, in Tampere (Lutheran)
Turun tuomiokirkko, in Turku (Lutheran)
Uspenskin katedraali, in Helsinki (Orthodox)


See: List of cathedrals in France


Aachen Cathedral, Aachen (Roman Catholic)
Berlin Cathedral, Berlin (Lutheran)
St. Hedwig's Cathedral, Berlin (Roman Catholic)
Bremen Cathedral, Bremen (Lutheran)
Brunswick Cathedral, Brunswick (Lutheran)
Cologne Cathedral, Cologne (Roman Catholic)
Freiburg Münster, Freiburg (Roman Catholic)
St. Mary's Cathedral of Hamburg, Hamburg (Roman Catholic)
Havelberg Cathedral, Havelberg (Lutheran)
Lübeck Cathedral, Lübeck (Lutheran)
Magdeburg Cathedral, Magdeburg (Lutheran)
Cathedral of St. Martin, Mainz (Roman Catholic)
Meissen Cathedral, Meissen (Lutheran)
Minden Cathedral, Minden (Lutheran)
Regensburg Cathedral, Regensburg (Roman Catholic)
Schleswig Cathedral, Schleswig (Lutheran)
Schwerin Cathedral, Schwerin (Lutheran)
Ulm Münster, Ulm (Lutheran)
Verden Cathedral, Verden (Lutheran)


Hati Kudus Yesus Cathedral, in Surabaya (Roman Catholic)


Christ Church Cathedral, in Dublin (Anglican)
Cathedral of Christ the King, in Mullingar (Roman Catholic)
Saint Mary's Pro-Cathedral, in Dublin (Roman Catholic)
Saint Patrick's Cathedral, in Dublin (Anglican)


Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence (Roman Catholic)
Duomo di Siena, in Siena (Roman Catholic)
Duomo di Milano, in Milan (Roman Catholic)
Duomo di Pisa, in Pisa (Roman Catholic)
San Giovanni in Laterano, in Rome (Roman Catholic)
San Marco di Venezia, in Venice (Roman Catholic)

The Netherlands

Cathedral of Saint Martin in Utrecht (Roman Catholic) - partly destroyed, no longer the mother church of the archdiocese


Nidaros Cathedral (Lutheran)


Cathedral of Cracow (Roman Catholic) in Krakow;
Cathedral of Czestochowa (Roman Catholic) in Czestochowa;
Cathedral of Oliwa (Roman Catholic) in Gdansk;
Cathedral of Gniezno (Roman Catholic); in Gniezno
Cathedral of Kamien Pomorski (Roman Catholic); in Kamien Pomorski
Cathedral of Poznan (Roman Catholic); in Poznan
Saint Jacob's Cathedral (Roman Catholic)in Szczecin
Saint John's Cathedral (Roman Catholic) in Warsaw
Cathedral of Wroclaw (Roman Catholic) in Wroclaw


Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa, in Lisbon (Roman Catholic)


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Moscow), in Moscow (Orthodox)
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Kaliningrad), in Kaliningrad (Orthodox)
Königsberg Cathedral, in Kaliningrad (formerly Roman Catholic (between 1333 and 1525) and Lutheran (between 1525 and 1945), now cultural center)
Saint Basil's Cathedral, in Moscow (Orthodox)
Saint Isaac's Cathedral, in Saint Petersburg (Orthodox)


Aberdeen Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Aberdeen (Episcopal)
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Aberdeen (Roman Catholic)
Good Shepherd Cathedral, in Ayr (Roman Catholic)
Dunblane Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Dundee (Roman Catholic)
St. Paul's Cathedral, in Dundee (Episcopal)
Dunkeld Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St Giles Cathedral, in Edinburgh (Presbyterian)
St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, in Edinburgh
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral, in Edinburgh
Glasgow Cathedral (Presbyterian)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Glasgow
St. Mary's Cathedral, in Glasgow (Episcopal)
St. Andrew's Cathedral, in Inverness (Episcopal)
Cathedral of the Isles, in Millport (Episcopal)
Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, in Motherwell (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, in Oban (Episcopal)
St. Columbia's Cathedral, in Oban (Roman Catholic)
St. Mirin's Cathedral, in Paisley (Roman Catholic)
St. Ninian's Cathedral, in Perth (Episcopal)


St. Elisabeth Cathedral, in Košice;
St. Emmeram Cathedral, in Nitra
St. John the Baptist Cathedral, in Trnava
St. Martin's Cathedral, in Bratislava
St. Martin’s Cathedral, in Spišské Podhradie;

South Korea

Myeongdong Cathedral, in Seoul (Roman Catholic)


Santa Eulalia de Barcelona, in Barcelona (Roman Catholic)
Nuestra Señora de la Almudena, in Madrid (Roman Catholic)
Catedral Metropolitana de Santiago de Compostela, in Santiago de Compostela (Roman Catholic)
Catedral de San Salvador, in Zaragoza (Roman Catholic)
Catedral de Sevilla, in Seville (Roman Catholic)


Uppsala Cathedral, in Uppsala
Gothenburg Cathedral, in Gothenburg
Härnösand Cathedral, in Härnösand
Karlstad Cathedral, in Karlstad
Linköping Cathedral, in Linköping
Luleå Cathedral, in Luleå
Lund Cathedral, in Lund
Skara Cathedral, in Skara
Stockholm Cathedral, in Stockholm
Strängnäs Cathedral, in Strängnäs
Visby Cathedral, in Visby
Västerås Cathedral, in Västerås
Växjö Cathedral, in Växjö


Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul (Orthodox) - now a museum


Saint Sophia Cathedral, in Kyiv (Orthodox)

United States

See: List of cathedrals in the United States


Bangor Cathedral (Anglican)
Brecon Cathedral (Anglican)
Saint David's Cathedral, in Cardiff (Roman Catholic)
Llandaff Cathedral (Anglican)
St Woolo's Cathedral, in Newport (Anglican)
Saint Asaph Cathedral, in Saint Asaph (Anglican)
St David's Cathedral, in St David's (Anglican)
Saint Joseph's Cathedral, in Swansea (Roman Catholic)
Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, in Wrexham (Roman Catholic)

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