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List of Canadian Victoria Cross winners
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List of Canadian Victoria Cross winners

See also: List of Canadian Victoria Cross recipients

This is a list of Canadian winners of the Victoria Cross, the highest commonwealth war honour. It has been presented to Canadians since its creation soon after the Crimean War with almost a hundred Canadians being so honoured. Since 1993 Canadians are no longer eligible for the British Victoria Cross it having been replaced with a unique Canadian VC. This award has not yet been awarded, however. In appearance it is identical to the British one except the words are in Latin rather than English, as a compromise as both French and English could not easily fit on the medal.

Table of contents
1 Crimean War
2 Indian Mutiny
3 Boer War
4 First World War
5 Second World War
6 Other

Crimean War

Indian Mutiny

Boer War

First World War

Second World War