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List of Canadian senators
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List of Canadian senators

Current (Feb. 2004) Members of the Canadian Senate in order of seniority:

Name                   Party        PM        Date  Province
Herbert O. Sparrow     Liberal      Pearson   1968  Saskatchewan
Edward M. Lawson       Liberal      Trudeau   1970  British Columbia
Jack Austin            Liberal      Trudeau   1975  British Columbia
Willie Adams           Liberal      Trudeau   1977  Nunavut
Lowell Murray          PC           Clark     1979  Ontario
C. William Doody       PC           Clark     1979  Newfoundland and Labrador
Peter A. Stollery      Liberal      Trudeau   1981  Ontario
P. Michael Pitfield    Independent  Trudeau   1982  Ontario
Michael Kirby          Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Nova Scotia
Jerahmiel S. Grafstein Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Ontario
Anne C. Cools          Conservative Trudeau   1984  Ontario
Charlie Watt           Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Quebec
Pierre De Bané         Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Quebec
Daniel Hays            Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Alberta 
Joyce Fairbairn        Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Alberta
Colin Kenny            Liberal      Trudeau   1984  Ontario
Eymard G. Corbin       Liberal      Turner    1984  New Brunswick
Brenda Robertson       Conservative Mulroney  1984  New Brunswick
Norman K. Atkins       PC           Mulroney  1986  Ontario
Ethel M. Cochrane      Conservative Mulroney  1986  Newfoundland and Labrador
Eileen Rossiter        Conservative Mulroney  1986  Prince Edward Island
Mira Spivak            Independent  Mulroney  1986  Manitoba
Gerald A. Beaudoin     Conservative Mulroney  1988  Quebec
Pat Carney             Conservative Mulroney  1990  British Columbia
Gerald J. Comeau       Conservative Mulroney  1990  Nova Scotia
Consiglio Di Nino      Conservative Mulroney  1990  Ontario
Donald H. Oliver       Conservative Mulroney  1990  Nova Scotia
Noel A. Kinsella       Conservative Mulroney  1990  New Brunswick
John Buchanan          Conservative Mulroney  1990  Nova Scotia
John Trevor Eyton      Conservative Mulroney  1990  Ontario
John Lynch-Staunton    Conservative Mulroney  1990  Quebec
James Francis Kelleher Conservative Mulroney  1990  Ontario
Wilbert Joseph Keon    Conservative Mulroney  1990  Ontario
Michael A. Meighen     Conservative Mulroney  1990  Ontario
J. Michael Forrestall  Conservative Mulroney  1990  Martimes
Janis G. Johnson       Conservative Mulroney  1990  Manitoba
Raynell Andreychuk     Conservative Mulroney  1993  Saskatchewan
Jean-Claude Rivest     Conservative Mulroney  1993  Quebec
Terry Stratton         Conservative Mulroney  1993  Manitoba
Marcel Prud'homme      Independent  Mulroney  1993  Quebec
Leonard J. Gustafson   Conservative Mulroney  1993  Saskatchewan
David Tkachuk          Conservative Mulroney  1993  Saskatchewan
W. David Angus         Conservative Mulroney  1993  Quebec
Pierre Claude Nolin    Conservative Mulroney  1993  Quebec
Marjory LeBreton       Conservative Mulroney  1993  Ontario
Gerry St. Germain      Conservative Mulroney  1993  British Columbia
Landon Pearson         Liberal      Chrétien  1994  Ontario
Lise Bacon             Liberal      Chrétien  1994  Quebec
Sharon Carstairs       Liberal      Chrétien  1994  Manitoba
Jean-Robert Gauthier   Liberal      Chrétien  1994  Ontario
John G. Bryden         Liberal      Chrétien  1994  New Brunswick
Celine Hervieux-PayetteLiberal      Chrétien  1995  Quebec
Rose-Marie Losier-Cool Liberal      Chrétien  1995  New Brunswick
William Rompkey        Liberal      Chrétien  1995  Newfoundland and Labrador
Lorna Milne            Liberal      Chrétien  1995  Ontario
Marie-P. Poulin        Liberal      Chrétien  1995  Ontario
Shirley Maheu          Liberal      Chrétien  1996  Quebec
Wilfred P. Moore       Liberal      Chrétien  1996  Nova Scotia
Lucie Pépin            Liberal      Chrétien  1997  Quebec
Catherine S. Callbeck  Liberal      Chrétien  1997  Prince Edward Island
Fernand Robichaud      Liberal      Chrétien  1997  New Brunswick
Serge Joyal            Liberal      Chrétien  1997  New Brunswick
Joan Cook              Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Newfoundland and Labrador
D. Ross Fitzpatrick    Liberal      Chrétien  1998  British Columbia
Richard H. Kroft       Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Manitoba
Frank Mahovlich        Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Ontario
Joan Fraser            Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Quebec
Aurélien Gill          Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Quebec
Vivienne Poy           Liberal      Chrétien  1998  Ontario
Douglas James Roche    Independent  Chrétien  1998  Alberta
George Furey           Liberal      Chrétien  1999  Newfoundland and Labrador
Ione Jean Christensen  Liberal      Chrétien  1999  Yukon
Isobel Finnerty        Liberal      Chrétien  1999  Ontario
Nick G. Sibbeston      Liberal      Chrétien  1999  Northwest Territories
Tommy Banks            Liberal      Chrétien  2000  Alberta
Jane Marie Cordy       Liberal      Chrétien  2000  Nova Scotia
Elizabeth Hubley       Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Prince Edward Island
Yves Morin             Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Quebec
Mobina S.B. Jaffer     Liberal      Chrétien  2001  British Columbia
Laurier L. LaPierre    Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Ontario
Jean Lapointe          Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Quebec
Viola Léger            Liberal      Chrétien  2001  New Brunswick
Michel Biron           Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Quebec
Joseph A. Day          Liberal      Chrétien  2001  New Brunswick
Gerard A. Phalen       Liberal      Chrétien  2001  Nova Scotia
George Baker           Liberal      Chrétien  2002  Newfoundland and Labrador
Raymond Lavigne        Liberal      Chrétien  2002  Quebec
David Paul Smith       Liberal      Chrétien  2002  Ontario
Maria Chaput           Liberal      Chrétien  2002  Manitoba
Pana Papas Merchant    Liberal      Chrétien  2002  Saskatchewan
Pierrette Ringuette    Liberal      Chrétien  2002  New Brunswick
Percy Downe            Liberal      Chrétien  2003  Prince Edward Island
Paul J. Massicotte     Liberal      Chrétien  2003  Quebec
Mac Harb               Liberal      Chrétien  2003  Ontario
Madeleine Plamondon    Independent  Chrétien  2003  Quebec
Marilyn Counsell       Liberal      Chrétien  2003  New Brunswick
Terry M. Mercer        Liberal      Chrétien  2003  Nova Scotia
Jim Munson             Liberal      Chrétien  2003  Ontario