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List of Canadian electoral districts 1947-1952
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List of Canadian electoral districts 1947-1952

This is a list of electoral districts or ridings in Canada for the Canadian federal election of 1949 In 1947, there was 10 new districts created, but Newfoundland became a province in 1949 adding 7 new districts. There were no elections held between 1947 and 1949, and there were no by-elections held in Newfoundland after joining confederation.

Electoral Districts are constituencies that elect Members of Parliament in Canada's House of Commons every election.

Table of contents
1 Newfoundland
2 Nova Scotia
3 Prince Edward Island
4 New Brunswick
5 Quebec
6 Ontario
7 Manitoba
8 Saskatchewan
9 Alberta
10 British Columbia
11 Yukon/Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick






British Columbia

Yukon/Northwest Territories

*returned two members

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