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List of Canadian electoral districts 1914-1924
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List of Canadian electoral districts 1914-1924

This is a list of electoral districts or ridings in Canada for the Canadian federal election of 1917 and 1921.

Electoral Districts are constituencies that elect Members of Parliament in Canada's House of Commons every election.

Table of contents
1 Nova Scotia
2 Prince Edward Island
3 New Brunswick
4 Quebec
5 Ontario
6 Manitoba
7 Saskatchewan
8 Alberta
9 British Columbia
10 Yukon

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

When the new arrangement was divised in 1914 it gave PEI only three seats. After public complaints the rule that a province could not have fewer MPs than Senators was introduced giving PEI back a foruth seat. The arrangment with only three PEI seats was never used in an election.

New Brunswick






British Columbia


*returned two members

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