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List of Call of Duty mods
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List of Call of Duty mods

Call of Duty has only a few modifications out as of now, being that the game is relatively new and most people are satisfied with the standard multiplayer gaming that comes with the game.

Although besides the larger mods, such as, Revolt and Heat of Battle, which will be talked about later, their are small additions to the game also. This include such things as:

Heat of Battle is a total conversion modification for Call of Duty. It is perhaps one of the most popular mods for CoD as of right now. But thats not saying much, because theres only 2 total conversion modifications out right now. Heat of Battles main goal is to make the game more challenging by upping the realism to the game. This is achieved by measures like:

Revolt is a modification based on modern day combat. Its one of the main two modifications for Call of Duty as of now. This modification does not strive for realism in difficulty means, but it does strive for realism in costume and weaponry means. You are split into two factions: Aggression (Allied), and Resistance (Axis). Although it may be the other way around, depending on whos playing it. The Aggression gets to use weapons like the, M16, M4, M14, and the M9. Well the Resistance uses guns like the, AK47, AKS-74U, G3A3, and the Tariq. This resembles what the Iraq War is like.

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Total Conversion

Total conversion modifications are in development right now. These include:


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