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List of California state highways
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List of California state highways

Below is a partial list of California state highways. Under California law, interstate highways and United States highways are also state highways, thus Interstate 5 is legally California route 5. [1] [1] For the most part, interstates and US highways are not listed here, though there are a few cases, e.g. Interstate 110 and California State Route 110 or Interstate 15 and California State Route 15 where the numbered state highway extends beyond the interstate.

These designations originated in 1963-1964, when California adopted a route numbering policy for highways under state control. The policy established a comprehensive route numbering system such that, in most cases, any given number applies to a single continuous route, whether it is an Interstate, a U.S. Highway or a state highway.

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1 California State Highways 1-99
2 California State Highways 100 to 199
3 California State Highways 200-299
4 California State Highways 300-399
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California State Highways 1-99

California State Highways 100 to 199

California State Highways 200-299

California State Highways 300-399

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