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List of British divisions in WWI
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List of British divisions in WWI

List of military divisionsList of British divisions in WWI
Regular Army Green
Territorial Army Blue
Yeomanry Yellow
New Army Red
Other Grey

This page is a list of British divisionss that fought in World War I. Divisions were either infantry or cavalry. Divisions were categorised as being either 'Regular Army', 'Territorial Army' (reserves) or 'New Army' (volunteers). The 'Territorial' cavalry was referred to as Yeomanry.

Table of contents
1 Infantry
2 Cavalry
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  Guards Division
  1st Division
  2nd Division
  3rd Division
  4th Division
  5th Division
  6th Division
  7th Division
  8th Division
  9th (Scottish) Division
  10th (Irish) Division
  11th (Northern) Division
  12th (Eastern) Division
  13th (Western) Division
  14th (Light) Division
  15th (Scottish) Division
  16th (Irish) Division
  17th (Northern) Division
  18th (Eastern) Division
  19th (Western) Division
  20th (Light) Division
  21st Division
  22nd Division
  23rd Division
  24th Division
  25th Division
  26th Division
  27th Division
  28th Division
  29th Division
  30th Division
  31st Division
  32nd Division
  33rd Division
  34th Division
  35th Division
  36th (Ulster) Division
  37th Division
  38th (Welsh) Division
  39th Division
  40th Division
  41st Division
  42nd (East Lancashire) Division
  43rd (Wessex) Division
  44th (Home Counties) Division
  45th (2nd Wessex) Division
  46th (North Midland) Division
  47th (2nd London) Division
  48th (South Midland) Division
  49th (West Riding) Division
  50th (Northumbrian) Division
  51st (Highland) Division
  52nd (Lowland) Division
  53rd (Welsh) Division
  54th (East Anglian) Division
  55th (West Lancashire) Division
  56th (London) Division
  57th (2nd West Lancashire) Division
  58th (2/1st London) Division
  59th (2nd North Midland) Division
  60th (2/2nd London) Division
  61st (2nd South Midland) Division
  62nd (2nd West Riding) Division
  63rd (Royal Naval) Division
  63rd (2nd Northumbrian) Division
  64th Division
  65th Division
  66th (2nd West Lancashire) Division
  67th Division
  68th Division
  69th Division
  70th Division
  71st Division (Home Service)
  72nd Division
  73rd Division (Home Service)
  74th (Yeomanry) Division
  75th Division


1st Cavalry Division
2nd Cavalry Division
3rd Cavalry Division
1st Mounted Division
2nd Mounted Division
4th Mounted Division
Yeomanry Mounted Division - renamed the 4th Cavalry Division in July 1918

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