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List of British Columbia premiers
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List of British Columbia premiers

This is a list of the premiers of British Columbia, Canada, since it joined Confederation in 1871.

Note that party politics were not introduced until 1903.

Premier FromToParty

John Foster McCreight1871-11-131872-12-23Non-party
Amor De Cosmos1872-12-23 1874-02-11Non-party
George Anthony Walkem 1874-02-111876-02-01Non-party
Andrew Charles Elliott 1876-02-011878-06-25Non-party
George Anthony Walkem (second time) 1878-06-25 1882-06-13Non-party
Robert Beaven 1882-06-13 1883-01-29Non-party
William Smithe 1883-01-29 1887-05-01Non-party
Alexander Edmund Batson Davie 1887-05-01 1889-08-01Non-party
John Robson 1889-08-02 1892-06-29Non-party
Theodore Davie 1892-07-02 1895-03-04Non-party
John Herbert Turner 1895-03-04 1898-08-15Non-party
Charles Augustus Semlin 1898-08-15 1900-02-28Non-party
Joseph Martin 1900-02-28 1900-06-15Non-party
James Dunsmuir 1900-06-15 1902-11-21Non-party
Edward Gawler Prior 1902-11-21 1903-06-01Non-party
Richard McBride 1903-06-01 1915-12-15Conservative
William John Bowser 1915-12-15 1916-11-23Conservative
Harlan Carey Brewster 1916-11-23 1918-03-01Liberal
John Oliver 1918-03-06 1927-08-17Liberal
John Duncan MacLean 1927-08-20 1928-08-21Liberal
Simon Fraser Tolmie 1928-08-21 1933-11-15Conservative
Thomas Dufferin Pattullo 1933-11-15 1941-12-09Liberal
John Hart 1941-12-091947-12-29Liberal-Conservative coalition
Byron Ingemar Johnson 1947-12-29 1952-08-01Liberal-Conservative coalition
William Andrew Cecil Bennett 1952-08-01 1972-09-15Social Credit
David Barrett 1972-09-15 1975-12-22NDP
William Richards Bennett1975-12-22 1986-08-06Social Credit
William N. Vander Zalm 1986-08-06 1991-04-02Social Credit
Rita Johnston 1991-04-02 1991-11-05Social Credit
Michael Harcourt 1991-11-05 1996-02-22NDP
Glen David Clark 1996-02-22 1999-08-25NDP
Dan Miller (acting) 1999-08-25 2000-02-24NDP
Ujjal Dosanjh 2000-02-24 2001-06-05NDP
Gordon Campbell 2001-06-05 PresentLiberal

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