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List of Boston subway stations
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List of Boston subway stations

The following is a list of stations on the Boston subway, owned and administered by the MBTA.

Table of contents
1 Blue Line (Heavy rail)
2 Green Line (Light rail)
3 Orange Line (Heavy Rail)
4 Red Line(Heavy line)
5 Silver Line (Bus Rapid Transit)

Blue Line (Heavy rail)

East to West:

Green Line (Light rail)

East to West:

(Note: The 'A Branch' has been closed since 1972)

B Branch

C Branch

D Branch

E Branch

Orange Line (Heavy Rail)

North to South:

Red Line(Heavy line)

North to South:

Ashmont Branch

Mattapan Extension

Braintree Branch

Silver Line (Bus Rapid Transit)

South to North:

Stations under construction (2010)