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List of Born-again Christian Laypeople
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List of Born-again Christian Laypeople

Disclaimer: The following individuals are listed on a self-determination basis. As not all Christians agree on just how a "born-again Christian is to be defined, and as some individuals styling themselves "born-again Christians" may not be universally recognized as such by other self-styled born-again Christians, this article is simply a list of prominent people who call themselves born-again Christians, without passing any judgement on the claim one way or the other.

Note also that this list does not include names like Martin Luther or Billy Graham - it is a list of self-declared born-again lay-people, and as such excludes pastors, priests, evangelists, and missionaries.

Table of contents
1 Political Leaders
2 Actors and Media Personalities
3 Musicians
4 Sportsmen and -women
5 Business People
6 Scientists and Inventors
7 Infamous People
8 The problems of Fame and Faith

Political Leaders

Actors and Media Personalities


Sportsmen and -women

Business People

Scientists and Inventors

Infamous People

The problems of Fame and Faith

When a well-known person claims to be a "Born again Christian", they can quite often be unprepared for the expectations of the Born again community, and the criticisms of the wider world. There is a temptation amongst the Born again community to look up to and view these people as leaders in the faith, when the fact might be that the famous person's faith might be subject to the same doubts and fears as ordinary people. Consequently, they may fail to live up to the expectations of the born again community, as well as be seen as hypocrites or opportunists by the wider community.

Perhaps the best known example of this is Bob Dylan. Dylan underwent a conversion experience during the 1970s, and some of his albums (such as Slow Train Coming) reflect this new found faith. He was encouraged to use his fame to spread the gospel, and many of his concerts subsequently became de-facto evangelistic meetings. This prompted disparagement from critics and fans alike. Since the early 1980s, however, Dylan has no longer used his concerts for religious outreach, and many of his songs since then are no longer as explicit in Christian content as his late 1970s works. As a result, many Christians now see Dylan as having "fallen away" or is, at best, a "Carnal Christian".

Charles Colson is another example of a person who has used their fame to spread the gospel message, albeit a fame that is not necessarily approved of by many. Colson became a Christian after being sent to jail during the Watergate Scandal. Many critics saw this move as a cynical attempt to gain support from the Born Again community. There is no doubt that Colson's conversion did have an impact on his life, but the fact that he uses his position to support conservative political issues has helped to link the Born again community to Right Wing politics (in the USA at least). Critics still believe that Colson has not come clean on Watergate, a belief that has hindered his influence in less partisan circles. Colson's conversion experience after being jailed has also been parodied on The Simpsons.