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List of blues musicians
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List of blues musicians

Performers in the blues style range from primitive, one-chord Delta players to big bands to country music to rock and roll to classical music.

Early Styles (Musicians Active before 1930)

Table of contents
1 Early Country Blues
2 Early Urban Blues
3 Early Jazz Blues
4 Kansas City Blues
5 Post War Jazz Blues
6 Chicago/Detroit Blues
7 Modern Blues (post 1950s)
8 Blues in late 1960s Rock Music
9 Blues in conventional pop music

Early Country Blues

Early Urban Blues

Early Jazz Blues

Kansas City Blues

Later Styles

Post War Jazz Blues

Chicago/Detroit Blues

Modern Blues (post 1950s)

Blues in late 1960s Rock Music

Blues in conventional pop music

Blues in Country Music

See also: rockabilly

Blues influence in classical music

Blues in contemporary rock and pop music

Blues | Blues genres
Classic female blues - Country blues - Delta blues - Jazz blues - Jump blues - Piano blues
Blues-rock - Soul blues
African blues - British blues - Chicago blues - Detroit blues - Kansas City blues - Louisiana blues - Memphis blues - Piedmont blues - St. Louis blues - Swamp blues - Texas blues - West Coast blues
Styles of American folk music
Appalachian | Blues (Ragtime) | Cajun and Creole (Zydeco) | Country (Honky tonk and Bluegrass) | Jazz | Native American | Spiritualss and Gospel | Tejano