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List of birds of Santa Cruz County, California (continued)
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List of birds of Santa Cruz County, California (continued)

This the second page of a seasonal checklist that was developed from records compiled by the Santa Cruz Bird Club. See page one.

Included here are common (C), fairly common (F), and uncommon (U) occurrences. Not included are rare, casual, and irregular sightings.


Santa Cruz County, California

Species Spring Summer Fall Winter
Rock Dove C C C C
Band-tailed Pigeon C C C C
Mourning Dove C C C C
Barn Owl U U U U
Western Screech-owl C C C C
Great Horned Owl F F F F
Northern Pygmy-owl U U U U
Northern Saw-whet Owl C C C C
Vaux's Swift F U U -
White-throated Swift U U U U
Anna's Hummingbird C C C C
Allen's Hummingbird C F - -
Belted Kingfisher U U U U
Acorn Woodpecker C C C C
Red-breasted Sapsucker - - U U
Nuttall's Woodpecker U U U U
Downy Woodpecker F F F F
Hairy Woodpecker F F F F
Northern Flicker C C C C
Pileated Woodpecker U U U U
Olive-sided Flycatcher U U - -
Western Wood-pewee F F - -
Pacific-slope Flycatcher C C C -
Black Phoebe F F F F
Say's Phoebe - - U U
Ash-throated Flycatcher F F - -
Western Kingbird U - - -
Loggerhead khrike U U U U
Cassin's Vireo F F - -
Hutton's Vireo F F F F
Warbling Vireo C C F -
Steller's Jay C C C C
Western Scrub-jay C C C C
American Crow F F F F
Common Raven F F F F
Horned Lark - - U -
Tree Swallow C C F U
Violet-green Swallow C C F U
Nor. Rough-winged Swallow U U - -
Cliff Swallow C C U -
Barn Swallow C C U -
Chestnut-backed Chickadee C C C C
Oak Titmouse U U U U
Bushtit C C C C
Red-breasted Nuthatch U U F F
Pygmy Nuthatch F F F F
Brown Creeper F F F F
Bewick's Wren C C C C
House Wren F F U U
Winter Wren F F F F
Marsh Wren F F F F
American Dipper U U U U
Golden-crowned Kinglet F F F F
Ruby-crowned Kinglet U - C C
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher F F U U
Western Bluebird U U U U
Swainson's Thrush C C F -
Hermit Thrush C C C C
American Robin C C C C
Varied Thrush - - F F
Wrentit C C C C
Northern Mockingbird C C C C
California Thrasher F F F F
European Starling C C C C
American Pipit U - F C
Cedar waxwing C - C C
Orange-crowned Warbler C C F U
Yellow Warbler F F F -
Yellow-rumped Warbler C F C C
Black-throated Gray Warbler F F U -
Townsend's Warbler C - C C
Hermit Warbler F U U -
Palm Warbler - - U -
MacGillivray's Warbler U - U -
Common Yellowthroat F F F F
Wilson's Warbler C C C -
Western Tanager F F F -
Spotted Towhee C C C C
California Towhee C C C C
Chipping Sparrow U U - -
Lark Sparrow U U U U
Savannah Sparrow U U F F
Grasshopper Sparrow F F - -
Fox Sparrow U - F F
Song Sparrow C C C C
Lincoln's Sparrow U - F C
Swamp Sparrow - - U U
White-throated Sparrow - - U U
White-crowned Sparrow C F C C
Golden-crowned Sparrow C - C C
Dark-eyed Junco C C C C
Black-headed Grosbeak C C F -
Lazuli Bunting F F - -
Red-winged Blackbird C C C C
Tricolored Blackbird F F C C
Western Meadowlark F F C C
Brewer's Blackbird C C C C
Brown-headed Cowbird C C F F
Hooded Oriole F F - -
Bullock's Oriole F F - -
Purple Finch F F F F
House Finch C C C C
Red Crossbill F F C C
Pine Siskin F F C C
Lesser Goldfinch F F F F
Lawrence's Goldfinch F F - -
American Goldfinch F F C C
Evening Grosbeak - - F F
House Sparrow C C C C
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