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List of biographers
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List of biographers

Biographers: Are authors who write an account of another person's life.

Autobiographer: Authors who write their own biography.

Some notable authors of biographies are:

Ellis Amburn - United States
James Boswell, (1740-1795) - Scotland
Thomas DiLorenzo, () - Abraham Lincoln
Antonia Fraser, (born 1732) - England
Jean Overton Fuller - writer of verse and several biographies, including agents of S.O.E
Martin Gilbert - England: best known for multiple books on Winston Churchill
Michael Holroyd, (born 1935)
Lee Iacocca, (born 1924) - United States
Robert Lacey - England
Barbara Levick, (born 1932) - English; specialising in Roman emperors
Frank McCourt, (born 1930) - United States - Pulitzer Prize Winner
Hesketh Pearson
Henry Salt, (1851-1939) - English (authority on Shelley, Richard Jefferies and Henry David Thoreau)
Carl Sandburg, (1878-1967)
Irving Stone, (1903-1989)
Lytton Strachey, (1880-1932) - English
Alison Weir - "popular" history
Patrick White. (1912-1990) - Australia
Theodore White - United States
A. N. Wilson - England

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