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List of Battlefield 1942 mods
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List of Battlefield 1942 mods

This is a list of modifications (mods) for the first-person shooter computer game Battlefield 1942.

Like Half-Life and some other popular FPS games, Battlefield 1942 has spawned a tremendous number of mods. Most do not progress very far and are abandoned without ever producing a public release. Some are very limited and just include some gameplay changes or even a different loading screen while others are total conversions that modify content and gameplay extensively.

A few mods have become popular and are nearly games in their own right. Early modifications of BF1942 are impressive in that there was no SDK, but recently a "Mod Development Kit" has been produced [1].

With the release of the BF1942 sequel Battlefield Vietnam, some mods have either made a new version or have continued development with that game. Battlefield Vietnam uses an updated version of the Refractor 2 game engine. Also, many unreleased mods that started as a BF1942 mod, switch to BFV to cover up their slow development, to take advantage of the more advanved engines or in hopes that problems encountered with BF1942 will be solved by a different game engine. Some mods have moved/switched to the computer games Soldner, Half-Life 2 or others for the same reasons. (See also: List of Battlefield Vietnam mods)

A mods popularity rise and fall with releases of both other mods, and other games. For example, the release of Battlefield Vietnam greatly reduced players of the Eve of Destruction mod as the total number of active players of all mods. A new version release can skyrocket a newly released mod in popularity, as many players try out the new content, only to plummet just as quickly to a smaller player base. New releases will usually garner new players to a mods 'standard player base' enabling it to survive. (See Comparisons of Battlefield 1942 mods)

(Lists may be not entirely complete and not up to date)

Table of contents
1 Released Mods
2 Unreleased Mods
3 Other Content
4 References

Released Mods

(as of 2004) (released mods have a light grey backround) (Incomplete list of Released mods that have a larger amount of content and changes)

Mod Name Site Link 1.45 1.5 1.6 patch version released
1914 The Great War released - - Yes
Action Battlefield - released Yes Yes Yes
Band of Brothers - Beta Release No site
Battlefield 1918 - Version: Release 1 (1.6) - - Yes
Battlefield Dogfight - Version: 1.0 Yes Yes Yes
Battlefield Grand Prix Version: 2.3, No update since Dec. 2003 Yes
Battlefield Interstate 1982 - Versions: 1.6(BF1.5),1.62(BF1.6),1.7 - Yes Yes
Battlefield Pirates - Version: Alpha 0.23 Yes Yes Yes
Battlegroup 42 Version: 0.96 Yes Yes Yes
BiTurboMod - Version: Beta .4a
Bushwar - Version: 0.1 Alpha, (restarted) moved to BF:V Yes
Call to Arms - Beta Release ? ? Yes
Codename Eagle - Version 1.0 (1.45 compatible) Yes
Conflict in Somalia - Alpha 0.2 (not 1.6), 3(1.6) ? ? Yes
Dead Cities - Released
Desert Combat - Version: 0.7 Yes Yes Yes
Desert Combat Extended(DCX) - Version: 0.7.2d (A DC mod) Yes Yes yes
Empires- .1 Alpha Test, .2. moved to Far Cry No Yes Yes
Eternal Silence .1 Alpha Test (31.5 MB), Switched to Half Life 2 -
Eve of Destruction Version: Alpha 0.31 (public beta), Moved to BF:V Yes Yes Yes
Experience WWII - Version: 2.4 Yes Yes Yes
Finn Wars - Version: 0.52 No Yes Yes
Forgotten Hope - Version: 0.61 Yes Yes Yes
Galactic Conquest - Version: 0.1d (1.5), .1e(1.6) , .2(1.6), .3 Yes Yes Yes
Galactic Conquest Extended - a Galactic Conqest mod (GC .2) - - Yes
G.I. Joe - Minimod .2, Alpha 1.1; Attacked by Hasbro for copyright issues Yes
Homefront - Version: 0.11(1.5), 1.2(1.6) Moved to BF:V Yes Yes Yes
Hydro Racers - Version: 1.6 ? Yes Yes
Interstate 1982 - Version: 1.62 Yes Yes Yes
Killer Commando Version: Beta 2 no site
Next Threat - Version: 0.2k(1.6) ? Yes Yes
Operation AnubisVersion: 1.0 (1.45 compatible), merged into Battlegroup 42 Yes
Parallel World Version: 0.62, No update since Sept. 2003 Yes ? ?
Recruit Sneider's Mod Collection Plus - Release for BF:1942, RtR, and SW (forum only) No No Yes
Siege - Version: 0.30,.31,.32 Yes Yes Yes
Silent Heroes - Version: 0.33 Public Beta No Yes Yes
- Released - - Yes
Swiss Mod - Version: .3n
Surreal| Alpha release [1] ? ? Yes
Tactical War Beta Release, Moved to BF:V
Desert Combat Realism Mod- Released (A DC mod) Yes Yes Yes
TurboMOD - Version: 3.3 No Site
United Teamplayer - Version: 1.5 ? ?
Wasteland 2042 - Version: Beta 1 Public Release No ? Yes
Who Dares Wins - Released (also rel. early version released as a DC mod) - - Yes
Xtreme Battlefield - Version: 1.0 (done, dev. moved to BFV) [1] ?

Sengoku, Stuntmod, Battlefield 1861

Unreleased Mods

(as of 2004) (Incomplete list of unreleased mods that are in development, or are not totally confirmed to have either died, changed engines, or not release a Bf42 version)

Mod Name Site Link 1.45 1.5 1.6 patch version released
Adamantium Slug - Unreleased
Aftermath- No update since May 2003
Ancolius - dev team from Aeolus: Spheres of Influence
(Age of War) - Unreleased
Area 51 (game mod)(Area 51 Mod)- Unreleased, moved to BF:V
Bad Fur Day - Unreleased
Battlefield 1936- Unreleased
Battlefield Fortress - Unreleased
Battlefield Galactica - Unreleased
- Unreleased
Bikini Warfare - Unreleased (Moved to Farcry)
Black Hawk Down- Unreleased
Canadian Warfare - Unreleased
Civilians War - Unreleased
Cold War Conflicts - Unreleased
Cold War Rivals - Unreleased, No update since July 2003
Dark Reign - Unreleased (Also for HL2)
Dark Storm - Unreleased
Dice City - Unreleased, moved to BF:V
Dune 2k
Unreleased (Dune: Desert Power [1])
Fight for Victory - Unreleased
Unreleased, Also for BF:V
FutureScape 2386 - Unreleased
Gettysburg Unreleased (also HL 2 mod)
Gnomes of Destruction - Unreleased
Lord of the Rings -Unreleased, moved to BF:V
Mafia Mod - Unreleased, moved to BF:V
Norwegian Resistance - Unreleased
Ocean Warfare Mod - Unreleased
Operation Overlord - Unreleased
Planet Combat - Unreleased
Plastic Wars - Unreleased
Red Front - Unreleased
Red Mayhem - Unreleased, formerly named Red Alert. Moved To BF:V
Shattered Skies - Unreleased
Sketchville - Unreleased
Space Combat - Unreleased
Street Wars - Unreleased
Strong Holds - Unreleased
Struggle for Supremacy - Unreleased
The Lost Batallion - Unreleased
The Morning Of The Rising Sun - Unreleased
Tiberian Aftermath - Unreleased (moved to BF:V) [1]
Total War - Unreleased
Transformers Mod - Unreleased
Urban Infiltration - Unreleased (on hold)

Dead, Inactive and unreleased Mods, Abandoned Mod names

This a incomplete listing of mods that are very likely inactive, dead, or ended. Also listed are abandoned names, and mods that have moved to other games. Mods that are very likely dead are noted as are mods that have changed games. This list might still include mods that are active or have had a public release.


The list, in roughly alphabetical order:

Mod Name Site Link
1882 (dead)(theme:wild west)
Aeolus: Spheres of Influence (dead) (formerly )
Aerial Combat Environment(ACE) - development terminated
African Rebellion:The Liberian War - (dead)
Agents (dead)(formerly Promode)
BADLAND (stopped)
Battlefield 1914 (former name of 1914 The Great War
Battlefield 1776: Revolutions (dead)
Battlefield 1863 - (dead)
Battlefield 1950 The Forgotten War (dead)
Battlefield 2000 -(former name of )
Battlefield 2010: Rise of Power -(formerly Battlefield 2000)
Battlefield 2029 - ("Terminator" mod, ended)(restarted as Hydroracers)
Battlefield 2750:Falling Stars - Moved to UTK4 and renamed
Battlefield 2942 - work ended/changed to
Battlefield Civil Services - (moved to BF:V)
Battlefield Firefighter - (dead)
- moved to BF:V as Battlefield Red Armageddon -
Battlefield Vacation - (dead, alt. name for VacationMod)
BattleSkies - (dead)
BattleTech 2750 - (former name of )
Beyond the Battlefield
Band of Brothers (Old)) (other BoB mod, unreleased) (dead)
Battle of Britain -(dead)
BF:Revolutions possible beta test, dead. Moved to BFV as BF: Jude Virus -
Battle for Baghdad -(switched to HL2)
Bullet Time -(mini-mod, released)
Black Cross's -(halted)
Black Bag Operations
Chindits - (dead)(moved to Doom 3)
Command & Destroy - (dead)
Command & Conquer: REVIVED - (former name of Battlefield: Red Alert(see main list))
Cops and Robbers
Communist Aggression - (moved to UTk4)
CounterTerrorism - (former name of , dead)
Counter-Field - (dead)
Cuban Revolution - Unreleased
D-Day The Last Hope - (moved to BF:V)
Dark Shadows (dead)
Dawn of Fate - (moved to BF:V)
Devil Storm - (dead) (theme: delta forces )
Dim Malevolence - (active)
Dominant Species - (moved to UT2003)
Downtown Dispute - (formerly Urban Chaos, moved to HL2)
Dry Land - (ended/on hold)
Eastern Battles - (Moved to BF:V)
Engage in Desert - (dead)
Exosquad: Liberation - (dead)
Falklands War Mod - (dead)
Fallen Comrades - (dead)
Finlandia - former name of Finnwars
Flashbang: Counter Terrorism - (formerly CounterTerrorism, dead)
Flatline 44 - (dead)
Formidable Force - (Battlefield Cintic)
Gang War - (dead)
Gettysburg - (moved to BF:V)
Grand Theft Auto: Dice City (GTA: Dice City)- former name of Dice City
Gravel Pit - (dead)
Gundam Battlefield - (dead)
Hellfire - moved to UTK4
Heavy Bombardment - (dead)
Infantry Combat - (dead, Released: Version - 1.0 (137 MB))
Immediate Action/Immediate Action: Global Conflict - (a HL mod, attempted release BF42, shifted to BF:V)
Inner Circle - name abandoned, joined Homefront mod
InstaGib - (mini-mod, released)
Inusaba Dogfight Mod - (Beta:1.90-35.2mb)
Ji Had - (dead) [1]
Knights of Rivendell - (dead)
Lego Warz - (dead)
Liberation of Seoul- (dead)
Lock n' Load - (dead)
Malaysian Army - (dead, moved to HL2)
Maximum Security - (Maximum Security Mod) (dead)
Mech Mod - (dead)
Mech Resistance - (dead)
Metal and Might - (dead)
Menacing Encounter - (Menacing Encounter 59 22'N 18 02'E)
Modern Day - (dead)
Modern Day Combat - (active)
Mod Collection RtR - (released for RtR)
Nightfighters - (moved to BF:V)
Nuclear Storm: The Korean Conflict - (moved to BF:V) (dead)
Operation Firestorm - (dead)
Operation Flashbang - (dead)(alt/old name of Flashbang: Counter Terrorism No update since May 2003
Operation: Blue Eagle - (dead)
Operation Spetsnaz Engagement - (Operation Spetsnaz) (dead)
Operation: Stealth - (dead)
Operation: Murker - (The Invasion Of Crete)
Pacific Assault - (dead)
Pacific Shores - name abandoned, merged into Forgotten Hope
Paintball Extreme - (dead)
Planet Combat - (dead)
Plastic Wars
Platoon - (dead)
Platoon Cuban Missile Crisis - (dead)
Promode - (dead, dev. switched to Agents)
Project Omega Cover Up - (dead)
Pimp Wars - (ended, dev team joined DC)
Rallyfield - (dead) No update since July 2003
Red-Dawn - (dead)
Red Horizons - (dead) No update since September 2003
Red Alert/(Red Alert 2) - (changed name to Red Mayhem)
Red Twilight: The Retreat on the Eastern Front - (dead)
Seas of Venus - Dead, Operation Anubis dev team
Shattered Skys -
Some Gave All - (dead)
Soldier 9's Realism Mod - (released, renamed/became Experience WW2)
Starship Troopers - (former name of Universal Combat(dead))
Star Trek : Balance of Power - (dead)
Star Wars Battlefield - (former name of Galactic Conquest
S.W.A.T - (dead)
Swat Team - (dead)
Swift(Swift: Cover Up) -
Spy Mod - (dead)
Spanish Civil War Mod - (part of Battlefield 1936's name)
Struggle for Supremacy -(dead)
Street Wars - (joined by Turf Wars, see main list)
Smugglers Bay -
Suburbia(Suberbia) - (dead)
Subduction - (name abandoned, merged into Next Threat)
Space Combat Mod (different from other Space Combat Mod, moved to UT2k4)
Tanelorn´s DC Game Balance Mod - old name of Desert Combat Realism Mod '(DCRM)'
Temple, (original name of Temple: Jungle Warfare)(dead)
Temple: Jungle Warfare - (dead) (formerly Temple)
The Battle of Britain - (alt. name of Battle of Britain, dead)
The Battle of France - (dead)
The Great War - (alt. name of )
The Real War - (dead)
The Renegades Mod - (dead)
Total Chaos - (dead)
Trench Rats - (Trench Rats:The Great War)(moved to HL2)(dead)
Turf Wars - (name abandoned merged into Street Wars)
Unseen Operations - (dead)
Urban Gang Warfare: Gateway City - (dead)
Universal Combat - (dead, formerly Starship Troopers)
USA vs Canada -
Urban Chaos - switched to HL2, renamed Downtown Dispute (dead)
V: The Final Battle - (dead)
VacationMod - (dead)( alt name Battlefield Vacation)
Violent Revolution -(dead)
Vietnam 1965 -(dead)
War of Nations -(dead)
Warhammer 40K -(dead)
Weapons of War -(name abandonded, merged with BattleGroup42)
World War 1 -(dead)
World War 3: Operation Phoenix - (dead) No update since October 2003
WW3: Invading Army - (dead)
WW3: Chinese Destruction - (former name of Nuclear Storm: The Korean Conflict)
ZERO: Stolen Property - Unreleased, renamed Aeolus: Spheres of Influence
Zulu Dawn - (dead)

Other Content

This is a small listing of the endless number of released mini-mods, micro-mods, texture packs, tweaks, and maps, for new and old versions of regular BF or its modifications. (See for more)

Mod Name
Promode (gameplay mod)
Football Mod for Bocage in Team DeathMatch)
SoMuA Fun Mod
TextureSet Desert Combat
Nicks Mix
Kubel Kopter Heli's Mod
"Coral Insomnia" by MoonQuake
Wake Evenings by MoonQuake
Coral Sea 2
AfriKa Tank Battle
Jeep Race
Multiplayer Demo Mod (For BF Demo)
Tank Mod
TrueTank Mod (modified tanks)
B-17 for sp Bocage, Market Garden, Gazala, Iwo Jima and Midway games.
B-17 Flying Fortress El Alamien
Road to Rome-InfantryGame Play Pack
Fragn's Combat Mod, Version: 1.18, 1.9
Firepower Mod
Mephistofo's Skinpacks
Merciless 1942
Realistic European Frontline, v0.6
Forgotten Battles
The Longest Day Maps-