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List of Basque Presidents
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List of Basque Presidents

The President of the Basque Country is referred to as Lehendakari (literally, "firstlier") in Basque, or Eusko Jaurlaritzako Lehendakari ("President of the Basque Government"); the Spanish title is Presidente del Gobierno Vasco.


Before the establishment of Standard Basque in the 1970s, it was spelled lendakari. Incidentally, eusko was spelled euzko before. The generic Basque words for "president" and "government" are presidente/president and gobernu. In the Basque language, they are also used for other presidents, like the President of the French Republic or the President of Navarre.

So far, all three Lehendakari have come from the Partido Nacionalista Vasco party.

José Antonio de Aguirre served as first Lehendakari of the Región Autónoma del País Vasco, but Franco's army suspended the autonomy of the region in 1937.